Citrus Fun

I always make time for strolling  after a busy week at work. It is one of the little rewards I give myself for a productive week. I and my sister got to explore & went food trippin’ at chez karine ( SM Megamall) last Saturday. We really had fun staying there even for a short time of sipping a refreshing citrus drink & at the same time satisfying our sweet cravings. Here are some of the photos I collected from our little adventure @chezkarine 🙂

Cute wall decor 🙂


Yuzu Slush


I super love the minty twist of this drink.


Jess (my sister) loved their Affogato plus Hokkaido Cupcake. Yum!




Visit chez karine 🙂

10152389_10201747649434981_1174326716_nAside from the food adventure, I was able to have a shoe selfie too! 🙂 (peace xx)


Happy  Food Trippin’!


The Pink Fruit

1959614_10201647140882330_1118292843_nI always love eating these pink fruits. These fruits are called Makopa. I wonder why people around the village just stare blankly at these fruity pink balls scattered on the street. I wonder why they are not that familiar with it. Every bite reminds me of my childhood summer in our province in Visayas, Bohol. I can still clearly recall how I and my cousins spotted a Makopa tree from the neighborhood  that sunny day. We  asked if we can climb the tree and pick some of its fruits. We ended up eating that pink fruit under the tree plus dipping it in salt made it more juicy and fun to it!

With this, I can feel that Summer is really coming!

(Thanks Ate Sally, for giving me these fruits.)

Food Diary 2013

Food CollageOne of the things that I really love to do is eating! I love to eat local cuisines from the foreign ones. I love appreciating food before eating them by taking a photo first! 🙂 I am one of those foodies (tryin’ to do food blogging) who loves to appreciate the taste, smell and even the plating of the food being served. But there will always be a special place in my *tummy the famous street food carts in Manila. With this, I am sharing you photos taken last year’s food adventure. Seriously, I end up craving again with these mouth-watering, must-try food lists by just looking at its photos. 🙂

1st Row: @ the Clubhouse (Magnolia)

Super love : Tuyo Rice Bowl & Calamansi Juice plus their very relaxed interiors!

2nd Row: @ Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Super love: cupcakes & teas plus their pretty interiors too! 🙂

3rd Row (L-R)

@ Burgoo

Super love: Mountain of fries plus the drawing sheets used as table covers which let me do the doodling part while waiting for the food.

@ J. Co

Super love: Alcapone (forever! :))

@ Recipes by Cafe Metro

Super love: Kare-kare (local-love)

I’m really happy to share this food Photo Diary with you!


Sweet Tuesdays


I always crave for some sweetness overload whenever I see this photo. The bee on top loved this as much as I do! Another sweet Tuesday to be happy! 🙂

You can always share here what makes you happy.

Then, what makes you happy?

Share 🙂

Soup for the Soul

Photo3054It was raining all day and I wondered what are my kids (students) doing while I took the whole day to rest. Actually, I had different ways to rest. I spent the day thinking of my kids’ next art activities, searching for happy garlands to make for the slumber party and even posting a photo that you can see above. I missed the kids today. I think this is a natural feeling of a teacher whenever a day had gone so fast without learning and playing with them. I did not sleep that much. I end up viewing photos of them, their art works and their cookery. It made me smile and I felt better. 🙂

The photos were like a hot bowl of soup that is soothing for the soul. It gave warmth and calmness amidst the downpour of rain. It really made me motivated to be better and see them tomorrow.  🙂

I am grateful of these kept treasures. Thank God I have a lot of them.




(Good food for the rainy weather: Chicken Soup and hard boiled eggs.)

Beautiful, Outrageous, Unplanned

It was all beautiful, outrageous and fun! I and my good friend Cha had a blast with our unplanned dinner-bonding.  Sometimes unplanned ones are given to be crazy yet memorable. Here’s a sneak peek of our #tosh dinner experience. We’re so happy we landed at The Old Spaghetti House and had these delicious pasta&pizza meals. Big HOORAY! for these 🙂







What we LOVE @ TOSH

1. Pasta Alfredo

2. Seafood Pizza (Gambas)

3. Green Mango Shake

These were all a “must-try” 🙂 If you really love pasta and everything and between. Try the #tosh experience, it’s beautiful and relaxing:)


Photodiary101: One Sunday

Hello November!:) Months are getting busier than ever looking forward to the holidays season. Giggles! Anyways, I wanted to share this photo dairy of the best Sunday date last October with the happy girls inside my heart. Here’s the treat :
The photos are so random. These photos show how BIG my heart is for my family, food and fashion.Happy!





the strawberry cake

This was the mouth-watering strawberry cake I and my friends bought for a birthday celebration. It was just so sweet that we ended up choosing this bright colored sweet goodness. The taste was so good and deliciously melts in every bite that’s why I am happy to share this cake-experience I just had. 🙂

Strawberry Cake: Goldilocks (Festival Mall, Alabang)

I was caught on camera with this little goodness which the celebrants, Jang and Joana had fun slicing it for the group. I just had to take time making a moment with this. 

I heart this because this was from my MOA friends.

does your heart and tummy became hungry?

type in your shout outs, be heard and be sweet 🙂

an evening get together

This was on a Friday evening. I was with my high school bff, Charm. And I guess we’re charmed over good talks and drinks at Starbucks.

After a hectic week for us, it seemed to be just right to have time to relax and just be happy.

calm place for busy people…


at the counter


drinks: frapps (Mocha)  and juice drink  (Raspberry fruit)


french toast (gee!)



overloaded photos

I and Charm:)

melts like butter, what’s the matter?


smiles at the edge

btw, we’re like interior designers that night (we cared on moving the couches:))

it’s fun in times like this

bf: beautiful feeling of taking pictures late at night (haha:))

surprised on how I was so tactful with my stories (omg)

enjoying the food and making the most of the time

oh, time to go home…


took the opportunity to share a little of my experiences over time and felt like I am thanking Charm for being so cool and patient with all my kakulitan and shared stories.

I, in my Friday sched attire. I am just comfortably happy with my grey kicks from Forever 21. Actually, the weather was really cold but I enjoyed the warm feeling in the place and having a “bf” to laugh with:)

Yay! 🙂

*Thank you “bf” Charm for the photos:))


Cadbury Goodness

Ending the day with a loaded of sweetness of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. I tried not to eat at least a pinch but I just can’t resist it. It took me some time to have a little discipline regarding this chocolate-y matters.

Sweetness meter is up!