an evening get together

This was on a Friday evening. I was with my high school bff, Charm. And I guess we’re charmed over good talks and drinks at Starbucks.

After a hectic week for us, it seemed to be just right to have time to relax and just be happy.

calm place for busy people…


at the counter


drinks: frapps (Mocha)  and juice drink  (Raspberry fruit)


french toast (gee!)



overloaded photos

I and Charm:)

melts like butter, what’s the matter?


smiles at the edge

btw, we’re like interior designers that night (we cared on moving the couches:))

it’s fun in times like this

bf: beautiful feeling of taking pictures late at night (haha:))

surprised on how I was so tactful with my stories (omg)

enjoying the food and making the most of the time

oh, time to go home…


took the opportunity to share a little of my experiences over time and felt like I am thanking Charm for being so cool and patient with all my kakulitan and shared stories.

I, in my Friday sched attire. I am just comfortably happy with my grey kicks from Forever 21. Actually, the weather was really cold but I enjoyed the warm feeling in the place and having a “bf” to laugh with:)

Yay! 🙂

*Thank you “bf” Charm for the photos:))



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