Citrus Fun

I always make time for strolling  after a busy week at work. It is one of the little rewards I give myself for a productive week. I and my sister got to explore & went food trippin’ at chez karine ( SM Megamall) last Saturday. We really had fun staying there even for a short time of sipping a refreshing citrus drink & at the same time satisfying our sweet cravings. Here are some of the photos I collected from our little adventure @chezkarine 🙂

Cute wall decor 🙂


Yuzu Slush


I super love the minty twist of this drink.


Jess (my sister) loved their Affogato plus Hokkaido Cupcake. Yum!




Visit chez karine 🙂

10152389_10201747649434981_1174326716_nAside from the food adventure, I was able to have a shoe selfie too! 🙂 (peace xx)


Happy  Food Trippin’!


Get Up & ‘inspire’


It was a nice feeling that they appreciated all your efforts & deep determination no matter how you get challenged.

They always say this  word to me—– ‘inspire’ with a continuing word— others.

Actually, it is awesome to be a person for others in my own little way.

I know you are too! 🙂

Seize the day & ‘inspire’.


This paper cut project is for those who inspires me a lot to become a better person. Thank you! 🙂

10153880_10201752352272549_1546870147_nWashi Tape by Hey Kessy


February 2014

FebruaryThese are some of the photos last month. It was really fun celebrating with these lovable people & with these yummy plates. I just can’t believe that food tripping is already a part of the system. (Haha!)

1st Row L-R:

1 I just can’t resist to eat these pancakes at IHOP (UP Town).

2 I was able to get the Starbucks Planner for my sister. (Happy sister! 🙂 )

3 This plate is a yummy plus happy plate.

2nd Row L-R:

1 I took a box of J.Co donuts for my family. (Yey!)

2 Hangin’ out with these adorable ladies! (& we seriously love to eat first whenever we hang/study, haha)

3 This is a photo of my surprise valentine treat for my 19 kids.

3rd Row L-R

1 A snap from our tea party 🙂

2 #selfie 🙂

3 This photo shows that I am one of the boys. These are the little boys of our class. (another snap from the Tea Party) #happyteacher


Type Kita: A Typography Art Exhibit

I got the chance to visit again 10a Alabama for the Type Kita: A Typography Art Exhibit together with my sister. We definitely had fun last Saturday crafternoon. I love to share our photos with our artsy adventure. It was great to see all the works of the artists in one place. Plus, I got the chance to meet and chat with my paper cutting mentor (which is really the highlight of my adventure :)), Ms. Mansy of Hey Kessy. I am super happy and up until now I am . Hopefully, I can post more about the “Type Kita” and all our activities experienced there.

Type Kita Typography Exhibit

The Pink Fruit

1959614_10201647140882330_1118292843_nI always love eating these pink fruits. These fruits are called Makopa. I wonder why people around the village just stare blankly at these fruity pink balls scattered on the street. I wonder why they are not that familiar with it. Every bite reminds me of my childhood summer in our province in Visayas, Bohol. I can still clearly recall how I and my cousins spotted a Makopa tree from the neighborhood  that sunny day. We  asked if we can climb the tree and pick some of its fruits. We ended up eating that pink fruit under the tree plus dipping it in salt made it more juicy and fun to it!

With this, I can feel that Summer is really coming!

(Thanks Ate Sally, for giving me these fruits.)