Here comes the rain

I am inspired by the sudden heavy rainfall this Sunday afternoon. And I just found myself starting to think of a design, a color palette and the styling of this sketch. I played with my colorful teammates again.

I decided to add some fun illustrations in the background.


What I love about this look:

a) the short hair (cool Summer do)

b) the eye-poppin’ colorful accessories

c) the deep red vest

d) the printed- “raindrop” pattern of the eye-let dress

e) the T-strapped blue platforms

I hope you like it too!:)

still sketching,



Organized Photos


These were some of the photos I organized for compilation. I just realized how important it is the sequentially arrange all the scattered photos around my desk. It seemed to be meaningful when I already exert the effort to pull some crafty papers, adhesives, pair of scissors and my pink marker to put it all together. I ended up with these and I could clearly recall the events, activities and stuff I did with these remarkable people. It’s fun when you see the golden lining of memories that hits your gentle heart of appreciating life together with great people.

Good thing! there will always be a cameras around:)




Let’s GO! to Blogger’s United 3


The moment I saw this photo it signaled the portion of my brain wherein I dug out a bunch of Blogger’s United 2 memories. Promised myself last December to enjoy again meet and greet with the top bloggers in the metro but also visit their one-of-a kind booths. I am getting into couple of moments of weighing out things if I’m gonna be at BU3 this coming June! Being busy because of work does not mean I’m gonna miss this. I think I can find ways. There are, I believe.

Happy for Blogger’s United rocking its THIRD:)

This is huge block of fun!:)