Summer Stash


(1) Candy Mag April Ish (2) Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils (3) BDJ DARE/ACHIEVE (4) Real Living Planner

Hey! Summer’s really here. This is the moment we’re all waiting for. A time to have fun under the heat of the sun. A time to take more adventures together with family or with friends. A time to find good reads in a bookstore and then a little nook to read. (Aside from reading novels I do read Candy mag! #YOLO issue for April) A time to daydream. A time to do DIYs & crafts. A time to sing some laid-back tunes.  A time to do stuffs that may seem a little unnecessary to do on busy days. (I actually listed some stuff to do on these upcoming free days! :)) Well, I do love summer days not just only because I celebrate my birthday on a sunny month  but also it gives me an extra time to have ‘me-time’. 🙂 And I just simply need a pen, a journal, a team of color pencils & a  relaxing environment to write & reflect. I really love writing long lists of happy thoughts from different experiences I went through. It was nice looking back to moments that made me the person I am now. It was not that usual ’emo’ moment but it was like an inner feeling of being grateful and happy about the challenging adventures, the brave self & the amazing people behind your back everyday.

Happy Summer everyone! 🙂


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