Here comes the rain

Bidding sweetest good-bye’s to summer sunshine because raindrop and dark clouds are gonna take all over the sky. Rainy days already hitting the city just like when I stroll over Shangrila  last Tuesday, the weather’s unpredictable sometimes it’s gloomy in one place and then sunny to the other. We should be prepared and used to it all the time.

I standing on the yellow-lighted Garden Court at Edsa-Shangrila Plaza Mall. My sister took this picture (thanks a lot!)

Cool windy Tuesday afternoon with my sister. Striped cardigan from Gap, gray dress (worn as a top) from eye ❤ candy, shorts from just g, sailboat pendant necklace and the native bag from mom, and watch from Girlshoppe.

I heart this look, it seemed like there’s a balance for the summer-y look and the cool rainy vibe.

Btw I wore a water friendly pair of shoes—Crocs. 🙂

I play with water.

I play with the pink wall after strolling around the mall.

Now, playing with the cam which I didn’t do for ages. haha!

Just seize the day with looking and feeling good no matter what the weather is. 😀

All smiles and positivity! 🙂


Holding the Key to Responsibility

It has been a huge part of my current life is having a key. A key which entails a lot of responsibilities and wisdom and it is already in my hands. I just hope and pray that I could give justice in holding the key literally or not. As my professor said while handling it to me “…so help me God”. (so help me God)

“thank you, friend!”

Riding trains is my life. A student’s life would not be complete without trains especially when attending classes from one of the universities in the U-belt.(I’d say a huge thanks to the Light Rail Transit) While I’m aboard I’ve got the chance to experience a lot of things like being pushed or being pulled by the massive passengers battling to have their seats (just be careful), seeing a huddle of students studying, chatting and just doing their thing for the moment and having a chance to catch a sight of the city (it is really cool, see it for yourself). I’ve experience a lot of those everyday but not with this- dealing with a bubbly, intelligent and very expressive kid (laughs).

I feel like all my stress for the whole day of school works were gone since this little boy with his mom (I guess) sit beside me on my train ride. I was just surprised that this little angel told me “thank you, friend” after offering them to seat. It caught my attention because it is great to hear kids being polite and appreciative. And I replied, “you’re welcome, friend” (smiles). He grins and as well as his mom. It is very unusual for a kid to be that vivacious especially to strangers like me. All throughout the ride I was just observing the kid. Actually he was standing on his seat looking at the window’s view and then sit again (maybe because it was dark outside and about to rain) and continued to talk to his mom like “mommy, we are riding in the train…mommy, where are we going?”. The kid looks around the other passengers and that time some were sleeping and he used to do some gestures signaling “mommy, they were sleepy?” The kid’s mom patiently answers the inquisitive questions of a young heart. I can’t help but smile while the kid’s enjoying his ride. Also, people around were also looking at his bubbliest actions and they were smiling too! Seemingly, everybody around the train was tired and the only one who’s really charged with energies—–the kid. When it was time for them to get off the train, the kid looks back at me and I waived “bye, bye”. And as they alight still the child continues to active utter his words to his mom. It seemed like little things like this could come with a big impact.

I can say that kid was amazing not just because they are really cute and smart in nature but because they give happy thoughts to everybody’s life. They snoop too much; they had lots of energy and they were really that playful. I could definitely say that I had a blast when I encounter this cheerful little creature maybe because I really love to hear kids say “thank you”. It is something that you cannot pay for, it is priceless. Starting to be polite and practicing using magic words at a young age could be very helpful in the growing years (wow!).

That night, I am glad to see a little tot very smart and polite to people (teacher-hearted thoughts activates…). Lucky kid, starting to say magic words (*thank you, *sorry, *you’re welcome) in his age but even adults couldn’t even practice one. I, myself could practice now, “thank you for reading”. Smiles.

Summer Gardening

I could not tell if I should claim myself being a gardener for once in my life (haha!). I am happy to write this because I helped mom regain our gate area’s plants. It has been a long while that all of the people living in our humble house was quite busy with their each stuff and (oh, no!) the plants were forgotten. Since it is summer, mom has the ample time digging, planting, sprinkling and picking dried leaves and I felt like I should help her. There should be two to three visits per day to maintain the plants’ life. Mom would visit it in the morning and do the tasks of sprinkling and ridding of the unnecessary objects around the plants and I will be checking again at the middle of the day and the both of us in the afternoon. I really don’t know what the expert’s principles were in planting were but I believe we had our ways. Long hot summer days were felt and it was like the plants needed more water than I. Watering them, cleaning the surroundings and even suggested to plant flowering plants was my role. I knew that mom had a ton of plants placed on the ground. And then one day, I visited the plants with mom that morning and to my surprise there was a reddish orange flower bloomed onto the sparkling green leaves. The first flowering plant bloomed its first flower (Yey!). As far as I remember, it has been a very long time that I helped and get my hands dirty with soil and leaves over the garden. It made me smile that very moment up to this day that even there’s a typhoon and it has been weeks that the little flower was there and now it is already dry. (I wouldn’t let each moment pass, without my capts :))

Getting hands dirty over the garden or whichever areas of the house that squeezing out productive minds could be that helpful. I am very happy to have a summer love; not the beach, not the sand and not that I don’t like them but for this moment I guess our little garden first! Winks.

Summer Sketch

The Colors of Summer.

It is definitely playing with green, yellow and pink. I started sketching this batch of flirty short shorts with breezy tops and see throughs.

Sketch A: The Summer Breeze

1. Green tie dyed top+chain necklaces+different sizes of bangles+striped hot pink shorts+green wooden wedges

2.Pink tie dyed top+flower choker+striped tank top+wooden ring+yellow green shorts

Sketch B: Pretty Airy

1. Flared tie dyed top+chain necklaces+striped bangles+button ring+blue shorts+light blue flats

2.Sunny yellow shades+ruffled tank top+brown short+high cut sneaks

After sketching those sweet colored shorts, I also want a batch of summer skirts paired with bright tops and vests that add an extra oomph!

Sketch C: Walking on Sunshine

1. A laced top+gray vest+green tote+blue and yellow balloon skirt+gray oxfords+minimal accessories

2.Super huge dangling earrings+ bell-shaped sleeved top+nude colored vest+high-waisted pleated skirt+rounded bangles+ring+high heels

3.Rounded earrings+orange top+ nude colored vest+blue skirt+orange socks+bootleg shoes

Sketch D: Fab in the Sun

When the weather’s too hot but still wanted to wear fashionable long sleeves, here’s a treat of gorgeous colorful sleeves good for summer bliss.

1. Green long sleeves+pink tube top+skirt with leaves print+nude heels

2.Cool yellow see through top+ tube top+belt+purple skirt+hot pink heels

Sketch E: The Blooming Skirts

1.Pinkflaredtop+goldenyellowvest+belt+droearrings+pearlbracelets+bangles +floral skirt+ red/pink wedges

2. Beige top+pink vest+golden yellow floral printed skirt+peach/red flats

Sketch F: The long skirt.

Yellowgreen top+jeans tailored tank+floral golden yellowskirt+sandals+colorful bangles

Sketch G: Sunny Dresses

The colorful dresses from mint greens, onion purple to yellow tone seemed very cool to the eye.

Sketch H: Something Beige

Dresses are fun to play with polos in different shades and hues, prints like floral and with chiffon cloth paired with gladiator heels experimented by wearing neon bright socks.

Long Live Summer

The golden bright sun brimming with this peasant dress.

Looks gorgeous with a native hat. Very creative intricate details which are floral vines. And oh, it reminds me of my summer gardening.

That was the final sketch for the summer, which I find time to do and sketch and color. Have fun with colors:)

101 Ways to Appraise Students

That’s Incredible!
How Extraordinary!
You’re Very Talented!
Outstanding Performance!
Far Out!
Very Brave!
I Can’t Get Over It!
You Figured It Out!
You Should Be Proud!
Amazing Effort!
Unbelievable Work!

You’re the Greatest!
You’ve Got It!
How Original!
You’re Special!
Your Project is First Rate!
Way To Go!
You’ve Outdone Yourself!
You’re Super!
Thumbs Up!
What A Great Listener!
Your Help Counts!
You Make Me Smile!
You Came Through!
You Tried Hard!
You’re A Pleasure To Know!
Your Effort Really Shows!
You Made It Happen!
What A Genius!
You’re A Real Trooper!
It Couldn’t Be Better!
You’re A Champ!
You’re Unique!
You Set A Good Example!
Right On!
Fantastic Work!
Keep Up The Good Work!
I Knew You Had It In You!
You’ve Made Progress!
Your Work Is Out of Sight!
What An Imagination!
It’s Everything I Hoped For!
You’re Sensational!
Very Good!
You’re A-OK!
You Made The Difference!
Good For You!
A+ Work!
You’re So Kind!
Take A Bow!
Super Job!
How Thoughtful of You!
You’re Sharp!
Nice Going!
Class Act!
Well Done!
Thanks For Helping!
You’re Inspiring!
How Artistic!
You Go The Extra Mile!
You’ve Earned My Respect!
Hooray For You!
You’re A Joy!
You’re A Shining Star!
You’re #1!
You’re Amazing!
What A Great Idea!
Great Answer!
Great Discovery!
Extra Special Work!
You Deserve A Hug
You’re Getting Better!
You’re Tops!
You’re Catching On!
You’re Neat!
You’re Very Responsible!
You’ve Got What It Takes!
Spectacular Work!

This was posted via facebook by my closest college friend, Mekisa Amores.I am very particular in every moment I spent teaching kids that I am armored with these appraisals. These were just few of the sea of appraisal words could be used just to let your students sky highly motivated during discussions.

I am not that perfect in using these might as well in my teaching stuff. I am just a beginner striving so hard to make students be good people in the future. I need to expose more of these magical words and voila! the learning will be that fun!


Between I and the Sky: The people I’ve met.

All walks of life, no matter who they are what they do or whether where they live as long as they shake and enliven my little, simple, very peaceful life; they are real wonderful. It is very ecstatic to be moved by the words of a writer, critically soaked into an artwork made by a painter, and blown away by a sassy and classy collection of a well known fashion designer. I’m presumably honored and well delighted when I finally got to at least share a smile with them and afterwards I silently, took a mischievous grin. These people whom I looked up unto a lot made me realize that life is not unfair at all, it will be just like of whirlwinds of sometimes fun but sometimes undone. I am not particular to what their names are but I’m looking forward to what they did and how they made their life so straightforward and be the uphill inspiration to others.

The people I’ve met, different traits, features, fashion sense, status, the way they communicate or even the way they look up at things, they were amazing. Amazingly, let me feel not as the same as another. They were uniquely making me happy or even unhappy sometimes. I realize that no matter how people including myself is magical because we cannot tell what would happen next one day or another. Looking upon what the eyes can see makes us all magical and amazing, no matter how these imperfections and sorrows emerge upon, we are still people. Everyday is a challenge to look beyond imperfections of people, learning to accept and love that it, is the way as it is.

free after three

The day dress. This was the time where I together with my college friends went out for coffee and cakes.Yum! Fun! I was capt while I was taking photos of the sky.Sigh.

Blazer: Karimadon, Mint Colored DayDress: Karimadon,Flats: Prima, Black Crocs

Photographed by Shello Arboiz