01/14: Believe


Believe that there are so many wonderful things awaits for all of us.


01/14: The Wall

It was another dress-up day last Sunday. I got so excited wearing a dress and a vest on a windy Sunday. I took a photo of my #ootd at a place near our house. It was an unpainted wall which I did not expect to end up like this good. One of my friends told me it complimented the whole look in the background. (Haha 🙂 ) I think it always depends on how we see things and interpret them. Still, thank you for the kind words and it is really nice to appreciate little things like these. 🙂 (wink!)



1) Vest : Paper Dolls

2) Dress: Redgirl

3) Red Flats (@ SM Dept. Store)

4) Watch: Parfois

Photo by : @ZielBufete


(if you love this look! 🙂 )

Happy Weekend!

Origami: Blue

1620922_10201414451065230_589669472_nThis is one of the paper-folds that I really love. It is an origami of a bird that I end up hanging as my classroom mobile. I love the color of it because it is blue. In this origami,  remembered my school for masters because its school color is  blue. And its icon is an eagle which is a bird too. I also remembered “Blu” the Blue Macau bird  of the coolest kiddie movie “Rio”. I really find this paper fold very interesting and worth sharing!

Happy CNY!  🙂


01/14: Sun & Sky

img001First ever illustration post here in my blog. I got inspired with Kim Jones’ (model & host) post wherein she wore long sleeved top and pleated skirt. It was too cool as the weather. It was too clean as the new year starts. It was too bright as the sun and was too relaxed as the sky.

I thought of illustrating the outfit and played the color wheel for it. And I just did love everything, especially the wedges for this outfit. 🙂

still illustrating,



Origami: Pushing Daisies

I just learned this Daisy origami from my arts & crafts partner, T. Divine last Friday. I gained so much patience on doing this because it has folds that I never did before. And I was so thankful I was able to end up with this cute Daisy fold.  I can’t believe I was able to make one after the tutorial. I really love seeing this all the time. It makes me feel happy and lets me remember that I can push through things beyond.


1532091_10201417441859998_2121779937_nI thought of including this; my one & only Daisy fold together with this stylish pair. 🙂

Isn’t it cool? 🙂

Share your thoughts here 🙂

01/14: Floral Thoughts

This is my first ever post for “Dress-Up Days” this year. And I would like share my love for skirts and florals in this post. I wore this last Sunday and felt so happy I was able to take photos of it. I thought of wearing a floral top from one of my fave local store in town —- BAYO. I really find this top so cute for my circle skirt. 🙂 I am happy about this breezy skirt plus floral look.

Here are the photos:


These adorable red (a cheap find! :)) flats made me walk happily in style.


1) Floral Top: Bayo

2) Maroon Circle Skirt: Thrift store

3) Round Flats: SM Dept. Store

4) Sling Bag: Mom 🙂


Photos: @YssaBayron

Origami: Lilies

914_10201404585458596_535735036_nThese fresh paper-fold (origami) lilies made our crafty center table blooming the entire kids’ fair last Friday. I was so delighted to be assigned in the Arts and Crafts booth wherein I am luckily paired with the artsy teacher Divine. We made a Crafty Scarf (which I will share soon:))  for the kids to help promote taking care of our environment in a crafty way. I really had fun doing crafts with the kids. I am really glad for a successful Flower Garden Booth. And I would like to thank the following people for your stretching and even squeezing your creativity and helping heart for us:

Mom, Mae, Ate Rose and the teachers ( the origami team: LA, Mia, Chantal, Cris, Michelle…)

Origami: Lily

There are many tutorials about this origami in the web! This is a must try! 🙂





One of the things that I love these days is my BDJ (Belle de Jour) Journal that I got as a giveaway from Hey Kessy. I totally enjoyed decorating it with my new washi tape (‘Beep Jeep’ available @HeyKessy) and my letter cuts. (See this post: Sunday Crafternoon) And this cool journal will enable me to jot down things that I dare to achieve.

Thanks, Hey Kessy 🙂



goodluckThis is my quick Sunday morning paper cut for my dear cousin Emie. 🙂 I want to share this paper cut for all of us who are achievers and doing the best of our abilities and deepest determination to reach our dreams. It is just the first month of the year and we all have the days to get started and take a bigger leap  for our  aims in  life- dreams.

‘Good luck’ to all of us! 🙂

Happy Sunday!



MUJI & Letter Cuts

 I got some .6 mm notebooks from MUJI and thought of personalizing them since I’ll be giving them as presents. I got too excited (as always) to do this project because I did some letter cutting again. Here are some of the snaps from this crafty project:


1488677_10201287250365292_1808091899_n Muji’s .6 mm note (really nice papers)

1536642_10201287386448694_215241572_nscissors & Hey Kessy washi tapes

1545932_10201287322927106_857772850_nThin foam (I used pink & blue.)



After I completed cutting the letters for the names I put double adhesive tape on its back part and stick it on the notebook. Lastly, I add some washi tapes to add more design.

And here are the washied MUJI notebooks plus my letter cuts. 🙂



Happy when crafting! 🙂