Hello!:) This is the most enthusiastic way of greeting people from different walks of life across the globe, to the ones closest to our hearts and even to strangers. This is the simplest way to start our day, start a conversation and to start building communication with others. This word is amazing!

This was my afternoon artsy craft last Sunday. I was thinking of a word that I could make for my water colored lettering. I thought of a happy word “hello!” since I do love saying hello’s and hi’s to everybody including the happy readers of this anything-and-everything-under-the-sun-and-sky blog. I really appreciate your visits and your follows too! I hope you say hello/hi once you visit again! 🙂

Have a happy weekend! 🙂





Late post of my doodled timeline last Tuesday. I just missed doing this fancy things. I grabbed the chance to pull out my journal out of its shelf and my colored pencils. And, tadaaa, I doodled the things that made me happy the entire day!:D


Sweet 10a Alabama

I had a fun visit  yesterday at the Resurrection Furniture and Vintage Gallery. I got amazed with the furniture, decors, and recycled art pieces displayed on each corner of the gallery. I got sparkling eyes as I studied each piece because I found them so unique and historical at the same time. From those lovely furniture to the art pieces hanged on the wall, I realized how people are creative and resourceful that they successfully made brilliant things in no time! Cool.

These are some of the random photos I took from the gallery. There were plenty of sold and unsold stuff inside this sweet Alabama house. I’m pretty sure that when you get the chance to visit you’ll love the vintage stuff and the creativity of the decors as much as I do. Just don’t let your heart be broken once you saw the tags with labels telling the piece is already ‘SOLD’. Moving on, there are still a lot of stuff there to be happy about. Yay! 🙂

old sharpened pencils


pretty bathroom wall paper



I inside the bathroom. I loved here the umbrella used as a tissue holder!:) Cool.Photo3241

light bulbs attached on electric fan metal covers 🙂


happy book fair, YAAAY!Photo3243

Took the last minute photo of the book fair before we went home:)Photo3246

The creative gatePhoto3248

I had so much FUN and LEARNING not only because of the speakers but also with the experiences encountered before reaching the place.

I am very grateful. I can’t wait for my next adventure.


Ang INK Fest 2013

Ang INK Fest

A Celebration of Creativity in Children’s Literature

It was indeed a busy Saturday. I attended to the kids’ dance presentation for the Family Day and went to the Ang INK Fest right after. It was a bit struggle balancing the time and preserving my energy level because the morning event needs physical strength like dancing and even running after the little kids. But still, I was able to attend the fest together with my co-teacher.  We were able to listen to the talented speakers (the  children’s book illustrators) and got inspired with their creativity as they touched lives of other people.

10a Alabama New Manila Quezon City


Illustrator of the IBBY Sweden Peter Pan Prize for the book Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! By Nanoy Rafael Photo3212

eyed on the colorful Japanese Paper Garland Photo3213love the vintage feel of the room Photo3214


Instant tour to Sweden with his talk. 🙂

Photo3217 The book Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! by Nanoy Rafael which was published in a Swedish language.Photo3218

INKies Show And Tell :

Illustrator of the book “Lagot! Baka may lepto sa baha”


Illustrator of the book “Mantsa”Photo3222

Photo3223 Illustrator of the book “When Zero Left Number Land”Photo3224

Illustrator of the book ” Hating Kapatid”Photo3225

Took a picture of myself and the free book they gave us after the event. 🙂 (Salamat po!) Photo3231

Enjoyed the BOOK FAIR (yea, you read it right!!:)) There was a a book fair at the side of the venue. I was able to buy a book and let the illustrator sign in their book. Yay!

Who participated in the fair?

Adarna House

Anvil Publishing

Lampara House

OMF Literature

Vibal Publishing House

“I heart to read books. I heart read good books to children”


This is a “must-read” book.


MORE books, more FUN! Photo3236

I bought “Hating Kapatid” by Raissa Rivera Falgui and illustrated by Frances Alvarez. Yay! Meet and greet the illustrator this time! 🙂


The speakers/illustrators:

Rhandee Garlitos\Nanoy Rafael\ Liza Flores\ Jomike Tejido (INKie Show and Tell) Leo Kempis Ang\Jason Sto. Domingo\Frances Alvarez\Tokwa Peñaflorida\Iori Espiritu

It was an accomplished Saturday! 🙂 And I really appreciate my super friend and co-teacher ‘tets’ for being with me in this adventure! We realized how illustrators give their efforts and patience in their work and for their readers.



Real Living Space Launch

This is a super late post about the Real Living Space Launch. Real Living is a magazine in the Philippines where you can learn tips and techniques about interior design and style inspirations too! 🙂 I had the chance to be at the event together with my friend Joana & her friends too!  And enjoyed their Design Show house. I took few photos of the space designs and the decors seen there and wonder deeply afterwards. I got inspired with the amazing space arrangements in the show house. Actually, I loved everything I saw there however I only took these photos randomly. (Huge thanks to Paula for the tour!:))


543446_10200574493666820_1314227333_n (1)


Chairs & Tables1185442_10200574497226909_405544268_n

Calendars, Post-its and Lamps581606_10200574494626844_356688853_n

Pancakes @ Midnight

(After the artsy & cool tour…)


Definitely, it was a night of learning room decor and meeting new friends.

This RL Space Tour wasn’t possible  without these happy plus artsy people:

Joana & Pau (wink!)


Visit the Real Living Magazine, just click this:




Things to be Happy About 10/17/13

– had a morning walk

– danced a “duck-inspired” dance with the kids

– jumped a gazzilionth times as if I can reach the sky

– ate my favorite Filipino food pansit

– watched DIY crafts for the Halloween

– laughed out LOUD

– played and ran with the kids

– finished tests for the kids

– ate Mom & Tina’s Merengue

– read the bible verse to ponder today

This is my random thoughts list about the things that made me happy today. 🙂



Things to be Happy About (10/15/13)

– the sun was bright the whole day
– walked through the streets of our village
– went at the supermarket just to buy a jar of Skippy with Roasted Honey Nut and ended up buying ingredients for pasta too 🙂
– able to clean the busiest area in our room-my study table & sort the sea of papers
– took a super power nap (an achievement!)
– water therapy routines
– fried banana + milk
– journal time! 🙂
– the snails in the backyard
– prepared small prizes for the kids for tomorrow 🙂
– my relatives in Bohol are all safe (The earthquake was intense early this morning.)
– a little prayer for the people affected by the earthquake

This is my random thoughts list about the things that made me happy today. 🙂




Sitting means resting your lower body part on a chair or anywhere and your upper body is upright. Sitting down reminded me of things opposite to it like my long standing moments on a bus ride home during college days. It reminds how I see children standing under the heat of the sun. It reminds me how kids in my class do run around our room. It reminds me that sitting down made me think of things like this. It made my mind think of  random thoughts like these:

“what will be the next art work for my kids?”

“am I going to carry this home into a house soon?”

“what will happen if I’ll mix this particular shade with this shade.”

“what will be the next DIY to do.?”

“when will I see a rainbow?”

“what will be the next Eric Carle book to be read?”

I think this list would take me to move and stand for it to be achieved soon.

After sitting down and do our thing, we must remember that standing also keeping as ready to act and reach for our dreams.

Cup of Positive Thoughts

DIY101: Cup of Positive Thoughts

This is a DIY craft that enables you to drink some positive thoughts and stir your creative skills. I’m excited to share this mini DIY craft from our seminar-workshop.  I hope you enjoy doing this! 🙂

Materials needed:

– a non-glossy paper cup (recycled cup is a +)

-printed positive thoughts

-any coloring material


-rubber band


Positive thought or quotes can be cut from old magazines or try to grab on a site:)

Let us start :

1. Cut the printed positive thoughts from the paper. Gather first all the cut strips of paper with a rubber band.


2. Then, get the paper cup and start illustrating a design for your cup. You can write words that would motivate you the most. Actually, you could design & decorate your cup anything under the sun.


3. After making the design, put the strips of paper inside and then it is up to you to roll or fold the strips. Then, you’re done! 🙂 You can now drink some positive thoughts from your cup! 🙂




A piece of note:

Once you’re done and happy with your cup, you can put it on an area where you can easily pull at least one thought a day. It will definitely brighten up your day once you reflect on what have you read. It can also start your mornings and even end your evenings with these. This can also let you gain a happy feeling the whole month.

(This post is for my group mates who loved reading the positive thoughts as much as I do!:) Also, for the success of the workshop! Yey!:))


Photos: Coleen Candelaria

A Happy Heart

happy heart2“Rule of Happiness: 

Something to do,

Something to love,

Something to hope for.

-Immanuel Kant”

This is a happy post that I would like share. I had a great Saturday staying at home, fixing the books from the shelves, cleaning my study area and cutting words instead of writing them. I am very fulfilled and happy that I was able to do things I usually do before I got busy with the roles I play each day. It was a bit challenging to perform and take risks but I rather take it another life adventure. I always try my best to think on the brighter side of things. I believe there will always be light on a group of dark clouds. Whenever I do think positively during the sad days, even if it is hard, it lets me ponder even on the littlest things I did that made myself and others happy. It made me appreciate that happiness is just within ourselves. And yes, I think everyone else can turn things on the brighter side.

I appreciated the words above this post. I saw a quote card from an old journal while I’m fixing and dusting old books from our old shelf. This is a great note that there’s so many things to be happy about: something to do, love and hope for.

Have a happy weekend!