02/14: Shades of Gray

1016273_10201536600598892_50922536_njadeeI do not usually wear shades of gray or black.I do have the basic lbd but just wear it occasionally. I am more of a colorful-kind-of-person whenever I mix and match clothes. Sometimes I end up like a walking bow of colors. But I am completely happy with my favorite color tones. Anyways, I tried wearing a soft gray dress from Missy (this brand can be spotted inside the stores of Bayo)  and paired it with a dark colored vest. I am so happy I was able to wear these kind of hues again. Plus, I matched the grays with the browns. I think I might take another adventure with colors again.

1) Dress: Missy (by Bayo)

2) Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

3) Bag: Thrift Store

4) Watch: Parfois

5) Necklace: Just G



Spread Love


“Put your heart into the little acts you do each day.”

I want to share the things that I love to do, to share and to be happy with. Here are some of them:

1. I love to learn.

I really do love to learn new things I discover myself and from other people. I even learn together with the kids I teach each day.

2. I love to make.

I am deeply in-love with arts. I love the way I grip my pencil and sketch. I love the mess of paint in my face. I love how cutting and folding papers at its best.

3. I love to share.

I love to share what I know anything under the sun. I have may creative ways to share what I love and what I have. Sometimes, I like pushing limits that I am challenged to share or offer help a even in difficult times.

4. I love to walk.

I love appreciating everything even the little things I see as I walk.

5. I love to dress-up.

I love the feeling of being so comfortable of what you wear that  suits the weather and the day’s event.

6. I love to daydream.

I love looking at the horizon or just holding my pen then start daydreaming. 

7. I love to listen.

I love to explore more about the music and the play of lyrics in other cultures. How about an Austrian sound track this day? 

8. I love to read.

I love the smell of the pages of a book. I love the photos in a magazine. I love spending time reading road signs and posters. I read functionally most of the time.

9. I love to play.

No I am not a gamer, I do play simple kiddie games. I do play with kids ages 3-4. We usually play a lot of running games & basic playground stuff. You know what I mean. The never ending laughter of slides, swings and see-saws. Isn’t that cool?

10. I love to wait.

I love to wait for this famous-worth-to-wait ride. They say that it is the thing in life we all deserve to have. I like to think more about it but I end up preparing than waiting.  I think that is really the virtue.


Spread what love really is,


02/14: Pretty Lenghty

maxiloveI thought of long skirts and chunky heels today. I illustrated it instead of wearing since I stayed at home the whole day. I tried to draw in between doing works for school so please forgive my color strokes and messy lines. But I’m still loving this quick work here. I find this look so cool and feminine. I hope you love this too!

still illustrating,


Origami: Blue Rose


It is when you fold a blue paper into rose.

It is when you walk on the backyard and see the sun.

It is when you spend a Saturday staring nowhere on your window pane.

It is when you become poetic over your words.

It is when you try to do things never done before.

It is when you want a feeling you almost forgot for years.

It is a happy & sunny Saturday.

January 2014

JanuaryIt was a blast January and here are some random photos I gathered from my file put them all together here.

1st Row (L-R)

a) Little Oranges- These was from the food booth last January 22 at our school.

b) Words of Wisdom – Captured from Sta. Elena Fun Farm

c) Rewriting notes for Stats class

2nd Row (L-R)

a) A happy dress up Sunday for me! 🙂

b) Lilies Origami I made for our arts & crafts booth.

c) Illustration & typography for January.

3rd Row

a) Fashion Illustrations – My first ever illustration for the year.

b) Something sweet

c) Pasta & Work

That was a glimpse of January 2014! 🙂

Hello, February!