“La vie est faite de petits bonheurs”

“Life is full of little pleasures.”

Hi there! Forgive me with the French phrase I just typed in for the title of this entry. The moment I learned this beautiful phrase, it became one of  my must-keep phrase in my list. The statement above is its wonderful meaning.

Yes, it’s true that life offers a lot of gratification in  many different ways . Those can easily switch on my happy mode and appreciation scheme from the littlest things that eventually turned my life around.

Did I mention littlest things? Well, I have to share how I find it glorious to wear comfort on a day of juggling schedules.  I just had to wear comfy sneaks to help me walk from an area to another.  (grateful :))Plus, it adds a preppy look too.


squeezing happiness






Top: Jellybean

Shorts: Sm Dep’t Store

Sneakers: Keds

Watch: Parfois

I like to share the juggled acts I did last yesterday:

1st; went to my grad school along Katipunan (heavy downpour)

2nd; went to my previous school along Taft (took a train ride)

3rd; went to the busiest streets of Manila

4th; went to a nearby church

*Saturday is the day for small travels and striving adventures. Those are few of what I so-called ‘pleasures’.

Happy week ahead!



the heART

Mobile uploads 024

This was one of my first paper-cut works before  learning the proper ways. I’ve been into serious curiosity the moment I saw crafty artists. Honestly, my heart beats fast and it was like I need to gather all my creative and twisted ideas in no time. I am elated that much on how I reunited with the art-sy side with the presence of papers and a pair of scissors around me.

I’m always been a paper-cutter and forever will be.



Happy rain-y days! 🙂 It has been a day of heavy downpour from the dark clouds up in the sky.But, it does not mean it will diminish our positive thoughts through the succeeding days. Besides, gloomy days aren’t suppose to be sad and unproductive. It should be the added days to do something that is unique and clever.

“I will always love people who smile and do productive things on a rainy day.”

Artsy Climb


Take a look on this printed and patterned stairs I saw the first time I went to the spa house. I was  delightfully keeping my eye on it that made me open up my bag, get my phone and take a quick photo of it. I was mesmerized with its pattern and design. Actually, I always spot for something creative and unique like this stairs. It made me happy. This is an epitome of how art is just around the corner. Spotted! 🙂

Crafty July


This was my wrapped-up sweet pink candy colored present for my dearest friend, Mia. I just loved the whole handmade concept from the bow to its paper wrap to its card. I was able to have a quick n’ easy cut on the bow using spared papers from old cutting work.

I will always love handmade projects like this! 😀

I hope you too! 🙂


I’m sure I’ll have the whole July doing craft-crazy-paper-washi-handmade-goodies! 😀

Excited! 🙂

Eternal Sunshine (post-summer-entry)

Happy July first to all of us. Since everybody’s been moving forward though life had been through up, down & side by side. I believe we all fell in love in sharing stories and reminiscing momentous events. Forgive me about posting a photo of a sunny sky though our weather’s had been unpredictable these days. I just can’t keep myself sharing how I loved everything last summer. Though the days lasted all of a sudden, I know there’s something left here eternally.

 Here’s the photodiary101:













(Thanks Tin-tin Apid and T. Rose for the awesome photos. xxlovehugsxx)