Puppet Love

Puppet Love

Puppet Love

This is one of my favorite photo with the coolest puppet on earth, Ronnie!haha:)
I am with my very hard working officer, Edivine Mercado. And we’ve got some “puppet love’.

sweet thoughts’

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Coffee for two

Coffee for two

Coffee for two

Supposedly this was for my parents coffee bonding but it turned out to be a mother-daughter afternoon bonding!:)
Caramel and Java Chip Frappuccino at Starbucks made our afternoon delight!Yey!

Love Starbucks? Visit them online @ http://www.starbucks.com
Love Frappuccinos? Visit a nice world of Frapps @ Frappuccino.com.

Even though, I’m not a certified coffee drinker, there will always be a space for the love of coffee in my heart ❤

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Having a happy day wouldn’t be based from a falling leaf upon your step. It should be because of how you perceive life positively and counting such blessings in no time. I was blessed with time and space from the last two days I meditated and find inner peace within myself. Absolutely, I am a busy person. I do multiple things at a time and sometimes being forgetful is the effect. I realized how a busy person needs to breathe some fresh air and peaceful thoughts; no hurries, no worries.

At Sacred Heart Novitiate, Quezon City

keeping some fresh green grass,  fresh air, and huge trees

sitting under the tree, thinking good thoughts

meditating , earning good vibes

Another me-time, thanking  God for letting me enjoy  the nature, life  and meditation.

Bring some inner peace and prayers to others!

“always on my side”

The title that popped up my very tired thoughts this night was derived from the song line “even through it all you’re always on my side” (Haha, It is sentimental but it’s the best title.) Well, this post is my little humble presentation to one of my super heroines in life, in college. She’s celebrating her 20th birthday in a couple of minutes so I wanted to post a quick re-cap from our happy moments together as “magkaklase”, “magka-RS”,”magkapatid”, and of course “magkaibigan”.

(I’ll keep it simple but meaningful:))

These are some photos of I and Mekisa “Isay” Amores. Since  it is her birthday, I would like to share a glimpse of our happy friendship and sisterhood. I am supposed to illustrate something for my dearest college friend (pero magaling na siya sa art) but I had to switch to PLAN Z. Haha.

This was taken in our English class when we were in our third year.

In our messy hairs, we really don’t care about it mabuo lang ang letrang ‘M’.

This was an escape to reality with Owl City! Haha. We almost forgot that we had our midterms for Prof.Ed4 because we’re amazed with the “fireflies” at Trinoma.

Literally, we’re always on each other’s side. Anywhere,everywhere and hopefully we don’t miss each other that much.

This was taken last year. A double celebration with Ate Maricel.

Always been there for travel and food trippin’.

Always been there for friends:)

This was some of the oldest photos I had with her.

We belong to the same family (RS Family) that’s why we’re sisters.

The hardworking Secretary of the good office.

She’s indeed a fashionista too.

Umulan o bumagyo, she’s on the go!:) She’s there rain or shine.

This was the photo taken at Yellow Cab. We didn’t know that the start of our hard work in our good office but we learned a lot.

This photo was the memory we kept on how we became sisters on the long run. “Mag-kasangga kahit sa anong pagsubok ng buhay.”

Our loving J.E.Y.M.M.S. family at Eco Park.

The Guidance Counselors to be in the future.

J.E.Y.M.M.S will always be on your side…

This was Mek’s photo after the Torch 2011.

I hope as the torch you would give light to your family, friends, love ones, to your future students and to other people. Keep on reaching your dreams. Appreciating the fact that we’re always on each other side:)

Happy Birthday!!! Superfriend Mek! We love ya!

God bless you!

Huge hugs and spread happiness,

jade 🙂

New Tourism Slogan – It’s More Fun in the Philippines

It’s more fun in the Philippines because we’re happy people living in a very happy, beautiful God-given places:)

Bits and Snippets of the Philippines

The Department of Tourism today launched its newest tourism slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Including a Twitter hashtag #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines, many expressed mixed feelings of optimism, caution, disappointment and a wait-and-see attitude. Some expected more creativity than what was launched while others, including this author, are more concerned with the safety, security, and convenience of tourists visiting the country for the first time than a new campaign slogan.

I wrote about Philippine tourism, Moments of Truth in Philippine Tourism,” where I mentioned:

“Think about it! The moment a tourist boards a plane bound for the Philippines, the customer experience begins and ends the moment he steps back into an airplane bound for his country of origin. Is the customer experience what we’d like it to be if we were in his or her shoes? Today, I will stand by my observation that the customer experience in Philippine…

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Little Treasures

These are  little treasures. These add an extra “oomph whenever we dress up or we dress down. Take a look at these:

two-hole ring (Stars)

mineral stone ring

the bow ring

metallic bird on a white stone ring

put a ring on it

floral bangles

the coffee cup

2-chained bling


Mr. Robot

feather earrings


Accessories from a thrift store:)winks!

Want to double up your StarBucks stickers?

:)Happy drinking!

Unica Hija Fasyon

Happy New year folks!

It’s a new year and my first blog entry this 2012. So here’s a cool way to start your new year. Haven’t done completing your Starbucks stickers yet? Then heres your chance to double up your stickers for your Starbucks planner before it end very soon.

 Isn’t it great? This is a very good news to people who are not yet done with their stickers (Like me!!!!) So grab this opportunity, so we can get our very own Starbucks planner. Promo runs from January 3-5, 2012. And Starbucks stickers will end on January 8. So lets start drinking our Starbucks coffee and get drunk. hehehe

xo, Blairful!

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Another entry to start the year right. My sketches found its room in this blog last year and I’m going to continue doing so. Inspired by a lot of fashion blogs I visited, read and learned last year, I was able to formulate this sketches. I know it’s hypothetical to express my fashion sense (giggles) through my drawings and stuff but then I’m happy doing a lot of these (sounds weird:)). Hooray for the second day of the year and let’s breath some fashion vibes in this entry.


Inspired from the New Year’s belief: “Wear dotted prints for it will bring you fortune over the year”.

This is a easiest sneak peek into my first sketches this 2012! Looking forward for more drawings!:)