Origami: Lilies

914_10201404585458596_535735036_nThese fresh paper-fold (origami) lilies made our crafty center table blooming the entire kids’ fair last Friday. I was so delighted to be assigned in the Arts and Crafts booth wherein I am luckily paired with the artsy teacher Divine. We made a Crafty Scarf (which I will share soon:))  for the kids to help promote taking care of our environment in a crafty way. I really had fun doing crafts with the kids. I am really glad for a successful Flower Garden Booth. And I would like to thank the following people for your stretching and even squeezing your creativity and helping heart for us:

Mom, Mae, Ate Rose and the teachers ( the origami team: LA, Mia, Chantal, Cris, Michelle…)

Origami: Lily

There are many tutorials about this origami in the web! This is a must try! 🙂




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