the strawberry cake

This was the mouth-watering strawberry cake I and my friends bought for a birthday celebration. It was just so sweet that we ended up choosing this bright colored sweet goodness. The taste was so good and deliciously melts in every bite that’s why I am happy to share this cake-experience I just had. 🙂

Strawberry Cake: Goldilocks (Festival Mall, Alabang)

I was caught on camera with this little goodness which the celebrants, Jang and Joana had fun slicing it for the group. I just had to take time making a moment with this. 

I heart this because this was from my MOA friends.

does your heart and tummy became hungry?

type in your shout outs, be heard and be sweet 🙂


loving prints

Loving prints is my fearless forecast for myself nowadays. It seemed like it gave an extra “oomph” not only in my closet but also in my style. I always wanted to become more flexible and tries new sense of style since I’ve been living in a world of basics and blocks of colors. Well, made my choice of having some good prints in my closet and seemed like in my mind there were a lot of endless designs I wanted to sketch. Having breaks in having my review for my board, felt like the prints were the expression of my deep anxiety (which is real normal) about my exams. But I’m still hoping for doing finer prints and better preparation for that BIG day. Whew! 🙂

What can you say bout this?:)

an evening get together

This was on a Friday evening. I was with my high school bff, Charm. And I guess we’re charmed over good talks and drinks at Starbucks.

After a hectic week for us, it seemed to be just right to have time to relax and just be happy.

calm place for busy people…


at the counter


drinks: frapps (Mocha)  and juice drink  (Raspberry fruit)


french toast (gee!)



overloaded photos

I and Charm:)

melts like butter, what’s the matter?


smiles at the edge

btw, we’re like interior designers that night (we cared on moving the couches:))

it’s fun in times like this

bf: beautiful feeling of taking pictures late at night (haha:))

surprised on how I was so tactful with my stories (omg)

enjoying the food and making the most of the time

oh, time to go home…


took the opportunity to share a little of my experiences over time and felt like I am thanking Charm for being so cool and patient with all my kakulitan and shared stories.

I, in my Friday sched attire. I am just comfortably happy with my grey kicks from Forever 21. Actually, the weather was really cold but I enjoyed the warm feeling in the place and having a “bf” to laugh with:)

Yay! 🙂

*Thank you “bf” Charm for the photos:))


Cadbury Goodness

Ending the day with a loaded of sweetness of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. I tried not to eat at least a pinch but I just can’t resist it. It took me some time to have a little discipline regarding this chocolate-y matters.

Sweetness meter is up!



Me and You by She&Him

“Me And You”

Well, I’m back in your good graces again
Remember when you told me that I was your only friend?
Well, you’ve made the best of this life
Where you never knew one day from the next
Dig your heels in, little girl, put ’em to the testYou’ve got to be kind to yourself
You’ve got to be kind to yourself

Well, I heard you had the blues again
It seems like all those little things add up in the end
Well, I know that you worry a lot about
Things you can’t control
There are so many things we’d like to have
But we just cannot hold

You’ve got to be kind to yourself
You’ve got to be kind to yourself

*The song was very nice and I really appreciate how quirky it was listening to She&Him.

we begin to hope and be happy

“Thank you that the world is so sweet with great friends over good food on a happy Saturday evening.”

I am just happy that j.e.y.m.m.s. is embarking another chapter of our lives. It seemed that everybody will change, no matter what aspect of life it is. But I’m glad that we are still the same beyond those changes.

Where: Kangaroo Jack, North Edsa

This looks like a tower.


This was so sweet.

I together with Mekisa and Maricel.


One thing that we love in our friendship is the “eating part”.

Every now and then this is our first love, food.



Our dinner would not possible without her efforts.

Three claps for Yvette. Yaay!


This was courtesy of Edda’s special someone.

(Haha, salamat po sa matamis na Leche Flan, Edda:))



We keep our coolest smile for this lovely evening.


There’s more happy moments to come as we continue to have hope for a good start in our careers and to gain some more happiness over the hectic dates awaits us.

It’s really that funny how we made a time for this dashing dinner date.

Lovely evening,


Sweet afternoon with Sophie’s Mom

After the tiring afternoon we had from roaming around each booths, good thing we end up with at Sophie’s Mom’s mini booth selling their freshly home-baked cookies and cupcakes. I and Edda tried the Red Velvet Cookie as they offer it for “free taste” and it was good that I was enticed to bought the cupcake version of it. I brought the pretty little cupcake for my mom and she told how it was baked just right. I am glad how she appreciated my thoughtful present the moment I arrived home.


It was sealed in a dotted pink box.


Red Velvet Cupcake

Though I wasn’t able to take a picture of it when it was still freshly set, I still appreciate how it compliments with the cream cheese and the taste of the baked dough. Yum!

I just can’t get enough of Sophie’s Mom.

(I also met Sophie’s Mom herself . She was very approachable and nice too :))


There are a lot of varieties of their cupcakes and cookies.


The Red Velvet Cupcakes are the best seller. (Indeed!)


Sophie’s Mom 

The pretty and very delicious cupcakes are available in:

Makati and Megamall (Yes, read it right, in Megamall; Ground Floor Bldg. A)

Connect with them:

sophiesmomonline (facebook)

SophiesMomPH (twitter)