Lettering in the Morning

Hello! I am back for some fresh stories about my morning crafty adventure last Saturday at Pipino, 39 Malingap St. Teacher’s Village to be exact. I was there for Alessa’s ( Life After Breakfast ) Brush Calligraphy & Lettering workshop together with my little sister. I immediately signed up with the workshop to learn more about calligraphy and lettering using a brush &  to inject a little art & crafts in my summer list.

At first trial, I have to say I got really pressured about holding the brush pen & I need to practice more. But it was fun learning the strokes, the pressures & the styles of writing letters. And I am mighty proud of my own lettering & tried really hard to write the majuscules  and miniscules of the Copperplate. (teehee!)

Here are some of the photos:




My very own lettering! ❤


Spotted: Alessa’s own Lettering (amazing!)


Our favorite quotes for the day!


I super love the pies served from Pi and Breakfast Pies! 🙂


Our class pic! 🙂


Selfie with my quote 🙂


Selfie with my own lettering 🙂


with my class/seat mate Melyn 🙂


with my class/seat mate Ana 🙂

And here are some photos from the Pop-Up Shop:  Yay!





with Ate Mansy ( Hey Kessy)


with Mikko Sumulong ( I try DIY )


It was another memorable workshop for me! 🙂

keepin’ it crafty!


Happy Mother’s Day


nanay‘ means mother in Filipino

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world!

And to my mom as well, we love you very much & we thank you for the unconditional love you let us feel everyday.

This quick calligraphy is for you & to all the super moms out there! 🙂



I wished to have a simple crafty party for the kids ’round the block to celebrate my 23rd birthday. I got the idea from different crafty people who hosted their own crafty, artsy and DIY parties. And I just can’t believe I was able to make it happen last April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan. I invited kids from our street for an afternoon to squeeze their creative minds and fill our space with colors. It was so fulfilling that I was able to feel the achievement through their beautiful smiles and creative-hardworking-can’t stop holding the brush hands.

This simple joy is a way of sharing my heart in making, creating & appreciating crafts and arts. And I really jumped and even dance for joy that I was able to impart ( I did my best though 🙂 )to them  the happiness of creating & sharing. ( I really felt like I was Mansy of Hey Kessy & Alessa of Life After Breakfast while teaching the kids how to do the art activity! Those 2 creative bloggers are way too amazing that is why I look up to them! Salute.) I felt so much that these kids are really into it-> ART . I must say they did GREAT! Claps*

These are some of the photos from the /ma-ART-eh/:

1st activity: Paint Letter Cut Monograms

2nd activity: Paint ‘n Stamp

*Surprise afternoon snacks*


Busy doing their craft 🙂



My very own design! 🙂 Yey!1613928_10201878276060565_1911592738012897429_nAAAAAAAAAA

Foam + Wood= Instant Foam Stamps  (Thanks papa for cutting the wood for the base. )



Stamping starts here:




Groupies #happy







That is the tag line/ theme of the party since I am into ART and I love appreciating art from different creative hands. 🙂


I would like to thank the following:

the kids from our street

my family

my art team ( which I kept for so long )

to God above for the sunny weather

Yey! It was really FUN! 🙂

Craft & Be Merry: A Crafty Adventure

It was just yesterday when I and my sister took the time of exploring another crafty artsy world -> Heima Brixton. I just can’t stop saying this line: “Hey!, We’re at Heima Brixton!”. (I did celebrate & did happy dance as well! :)) We went here for the Paper Club :”Craft and Be Merry” event which catered live art demonstration on Mural Painting, Paper Diorama Making, Paper Flower Making, Paper Cutting & MT Casa Decoration. I was able to note some of the possible DIY art projects in the future that really made my artsy heart jump for joy! I can say that this is one of the happy places for the artsy, crafty & happy kid like me. (Wink!) It was just my 1st time to visit the store yesterday but I can’t resist to love everything (from biggest to the littlest stuff ) & everyone (the artsy people coming in & out of the Heima door)  at the event. Yesterday was a blast!

Here are some of the bee-line of photos taken yesterday!

‘We live to CREATE.’

Look! Mural painting 🙂


The paper diorama on the making of the amazing hands of Foldyard & Co. #awesome


The Newgate Clocks


Lovely home decors

the crafty books & girly magazines (so darling! 🙂 ) on the adorable shelves #love


Washi tapes Yey!



a cloud of cotton candy… surprise!


Sweet afternoon treats! Yipee!


Craft, (Drink!) and be Merry 🙂


Cupcakes are for the crafty & creative kids! #cool

Did some letter cutting stuff while waiting for the Paper Flower making demo 🙂1016933_10201868771382954_152427974937712677_n

Paper flower demo



Paper Flowers by Googly Gooeys 🙂

Sisters’ Selfie 🙂




Huge thanks (for the last photo of I and my sis Jessa & the Paper Flower) to Tita Micki; Jess’ HS teacher! 🙂

& to Heima, The Paper Club as well! 🙂


Happy Weekend!

Visit:  Heima Home & Lifestyle

Summer Pompoms


I made some colorful pompoms for the art activity of the kids tomorrow. I chose bright colored papers which are mostly green, oranges & blue since it’s already Summer!  These pompoms are also unique because of its tiny size.

Since this blog is celebrating its 3rd year, I am very happy to share this photo—– cheers! for the 3 happy years of sharing lots of adventures.

Looking forward for a daily dose of happy posts in this humble blog.

Thank you for appreciating the posts here.

Keep visiting! 🙂

Get Up & ‘inspire’


It was a nice feeling that they appreciated all your efforts & deep determination no matter how you get challenged.

They always say this  word to me—– ‘inspire’ with a continuing word— others.

Actually, it is awesome to be a person for others in my own little way.

I know you are too! 🙂

Seize the day & ‘inspire’.


This paper cut project is for those who inspires me a lot to become a better person. Thank you! 🙂

10153880_10201752352272549_1546870147_nWashi Tape by Hey Kessy


Type Kita: A Typography Art Exhibit

I got the chance to visit again 10a Alabama for the Type Kita: A Typography Art Exhibit together with my sister. We definitely had fun last Saturday crafternoon. I love to share our photos with our artsy adventure. It was great to see all the works of the artists in one place. Plus, I got the chance to meet and chat with my paper cutting mentor (which is really the highlight of my adventure :)), Ms. Mansy of Hey Kessy. I am super happy and up until now I am . Hopefully, I can post more about the “Type Kita” and all our activities experienced there.

Type Kita Typography Exhibit

Origami: Blue Rose


It is when you fold a blue paper into rose.

It is when you walk on the backyard and see the sun.

It is when you spend a Saturday staring nowhere on your window pane.

It is when you become poetic over your words.

It is when you try to do things never done before.

It is when you want a feeling you almost forgot for years.

It is a happy & sunny Saturday.

Origami: Blue

1620922_10201414451065230_589669472_nThis is one of the paper-folds that I really love. It is an origami of a bird that I end up hanging as my classroom mobile. I love the color of it because it is blue. In this origami,  remembered my school for masters because its school color is  blue. And its icon is an eagle which is a bird too. I also remembered “Blu” the Blue Macau bird  of the coolest kiddie movie “Rio”. I really find this paper fold very interesting and worth sharing!

Happy CNY!  🙂