I wished to have a simple crafty party for the kids ’round the block to celebrate my 23rd birthday. I got the idea from different crafty people who hosted their own crafty, artsy and DIY parties. And I just can’t believe I was able to make it happen last April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan. I invited kids from our street for an afternoon to squeeze their creative minds and fill our space with colors. It was so fulfilling that I was able to feel the achievement through their beautiful smiles and creative-hardworking-can’t stop holding the brush hands.

This simple joy is a way of sharing my heart in making, creating & appreciating crafts and arts. And I really jumped and even dance for joy that I was able to impart ( I did my best though 🙂 )to them  the happiness of creating & sharing. ( I really felt like I was Mansy of Hey Kessy & Alessa of Life After Breakfast while teaching the kids how to do the art activity! Those 2 creative bloggers are way too amazing that is why I look up to them! Salute.) I felt so much that these kids are really into it-> ART . I must say they did GREAT! Claps*

These are some of the photos from the /ma-ART-eh/:

1st activity: Paint Letter Cut Monograms

2nd activity: Paint ‘n Stamp

*Surprise afternoon snacks*


Busy doing their craft 🙂



My very own design! 🙂 Yey!1613928_10201878276060565_1911592738012897429_nAAAAAAAAAA

Foam + Wood= Instant Foam Stamps  (Thanks papa for cutting the wood for the base. )



Stamping starts here:




Groupies #happy







That is the tag line/ theme of the party since I am into ART and I love appreciating art from different creative hands. 🙂


I would like to thank the following:

the kids from our street

my family

my art team ( which I kept for so long )

to God above for the sunny weather

Yey! It was really FUN! 🙂


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