too sunny to be blue

One of the things I am grateful for is that there are so many incredible people behind these life adventures. I’d been into all-kinds-of-everything-rolled-into-one-kind lately. I really can’t explain or even describe the feelings I had with these laid and sudden pack of experiences I went through all days of summer. I missed posting entries here even celebrating even my blog anniversary. (Yey! turned 1 already) But I guess there will be a whole lot of room for celebration. Actually, I had the days filled with whirlwind of  ‘turning-points’ in life. (I’ll share THESE real soon.)

I was happy I was able to dress-up and take photos again. I’d been away with that kind of nature for sometime the moment I started to juggle my scheds literally!haha:) I just love how I came back with this tribal print long-sleeved polo and with these old-pair of oxfords. Those pieces were so laid-back and at the same time meaningful since the top was actually from my bestie based in Canada. (Thanks Kimmmy! 🙂 )

I realized how each trendy piece has a story to tell. Every sweet grin has its wonderful reason for the world to know.That every passionate and determined views of life could make a difference. That every time that the sun shines there’s no way to be blue at all.

Here are some of the photos:






Top: Forever 21

Sunnies: Forever 21

Oxfords: Cole Vintage

Timepiece: Parfois

Ring: Thrift Store

Photography by Cj Ginez


Juggling life’s biggest adventures

It’s been a couple of months since I entered my thoughts and enthusiasm about everything under the sun and the sky. I had been through life turning points that made me dare my self to be courageous to go places, to interact with old and new people and to do things beyond. I really missed this site so much that I will be planning to have a blast-full comeback.Yea.Altogether,let’s count few days from now and fingers crossed it’ll be just a natural transition. There will be burgeoning posts about my passion,art,style & life.

soon. xx