Things to be Happy About (04/07)


(This watercolor (just trying) lettering ‘thank you’ is my sweet treat for those who loves me everyday! Yey! Thank you also for the birthday greets! :))

I just turned 23 and I was blessed to celebrate my birthday together with my family & friends. I had to work on my birth day since it was a Monday. And it’s cool to be in school for my happy day because I was able to experience an instant globe ceremony courtesy of my co-teachers. (Globe Ceremonies are given to kids who celebrates their birthday in school. Luckily, I am one of them! Yey!)  Actually, I did  little adventures on that day that made it extra happy. And I can’t stop thanking all the wonderful people around me & God above for all the blessings received not only that day but everyday.

Here are the things to be HAPPY about last Monday:

early morning greets from my ever energetic family

opened presents from little Hannah & Ate Mae

ate my all-time fave pancit

wore yellow top + slacks + brown flats + mailman’s bag

attended an early mass (my birthday mass)

the church goers were able to sing me a ‘happy birthday’ song #yey

went to Ateneo ( #AMDG)

changed 2 to 3 in my profile form

wrote 2 on-the-spot essays wholeheartedly

greets from my co-teachers

a cute candy-inspired gift wrap from my team teacher Eley

a SURPRISE birthday cake from Chantal

an instant picture taking of our globe ceremony

made wishes & blew candles

ate saging-con-yelo

got my birthday cake plus coffee from Starbucks

happy family dinner

read greets from fb & twitter

felt blessed & happy







It was a BLAST! 🙂


the days after…

Tuesday: Celebrated with my co-teachers @ Starbucks. Coffee time!

Wednesday: /ma-ART-eh/ Crafty Party, an extended celebration 🙂



Origami: Blue Rose


It is when you fold a blue paper into rose.

It is when you walk on the backyard and see the sun.

It is when you spend a Saturday staring nowhere on your window pane.

It is when you become poetic over your words.

It is when you try to do things never done before.

It is when you want a feeling you almost forgot for years.

It is a happy & sunny Saturday.

Real Living Space Launch

This is a super late post about the Real Living Space Launch. Real Living is a magazine in the Philippines where you can learn tips and techniques about interior design and style inspirations too! 🙂 I had the chance to be at the event together with my friend Joana & her friends too!  And enjoyed their Design Show house. I took few photos of the space designs and the decors seen there and wonder deeply afterwards. I got inspired with the amazing space arrangements in the show house. Actually, I loved everything I saw there however I only took these photos randomly. (Huge thanks to Paula for the tour!:))


543446_10200574493666820_1314227333_n (1)


Chairs & Tables1185442_10200574497226909_405544268_n

Calendars, Post-its and Lamps581606_10200574494626844_356688853_n

Pancakes @ Midnight

(After the artsy & cool tour…)


Definitely, it was a night of learning room decor and meeting new friends.

This RL Space Tour wasn’t possible  without these happy plus artsy people:

Joana & Pau (wink!)


Visit the Real Living Magazine, just click this:





Sitting means resting your lower body part on a chair or anywhere and your upper body is upright. Sitting down reminded me of things opposite to it like my long standing moments on a bus ride home during college days. It reminds how I see children standing under the heat of the sun. It reminds me how kids in my class do run around our room. It reminds me that sitting down made me think of things like this. It made my mind think of  random thoughts like these:

“what will be the next art work for my kids?”

“am I going to carry this home into a house soon?”

“what will happen if I’ll mix this particular shade with this shade.”

“what will be the next DIY to do.?”

“when will I see a rainbow?”

“what will be the next Eric Carle book to be read?”

I think this list would take me to move and stand for it to be achieved soon.

After sitting down and do our thing, we must remember that standing also keeping as ready to act and reach for our dreams.

Cup of Positive Thoughts

DIY101: Cup of Positive Thoughts

This is a DIY craft that enables you to drink some positive thoughts and stir your creative skills. I’m excited to share this mini DIY craft from our seminar-workshop.  I hope you enjoy doing this! 🙂

Materials needed:

– a non-glossy paper cup (recycled cup is a +)

-printed positive thoughts

-any coloring material


-rubber band


Positive thought or quotes can be cut from old magazines or try to grab on a site:)

Let us start :

1. Cut the printed positive thoughts from the paper. Gather first all the cut strips of paper with a rubber band.


2. Then, get the paper cup and start illustrating a design for your cup. You can write words that would motivate you the most. Actually, you could design & decorate your cup anything under the sun.


3. After making the design, put the strips of paper inside and then it is up to you to roll or fold the strips. Then, you’re done! 🙂 You can now drink some positive thoughts from your cup! 🙂




A piece of note:

Once you’re done and happy with your cup, you can put it on an area where you can easily pull at least one thought a day. It will definitely brighten up your day once you reflect on what have you read. It can also start your mornings and even end your evenings with these. This can also let you gain a happy feeling the whole month.

(This post is for my group mates who loved reading the positive thoughts as much as I do!:) Also, for the success of the workshop! Yey!:))


Photos: Coleen Candelaria

A Happy Heart

happy heart2“Rule of Happiness: 

Something to do,

Something to love,

Something to hope for.

-Immanuel Kant”

This is a happy post that I would like share. I had a great Saturday staying at home, fixing the books from the shelves, cleaning my study area and cutting words instead of writing them. I am very fulfilled and happy that I was able to do things I usually do before I got busy with the roles I play each day. It was a bit challenging to perform and take risks but I rather take it another life adventure. I always try my best to think on the brighter side of things. I believe there will always be light on a group of dark clouds. Whenever I do think positively during the sad days, even if it is hard, it lets me ponder even on the littlest things I did that made myself and others happy. It made me appreciate that happiness is just within ourselves. And yes, I think everyone else can turn things on the brighter side.

I appreciated the words above this post. I saw a quote card from an old journal while I’m fixing and dusting old books from our old shelf. This is a great note that there’s so many things to be happy about: something to do, love and hope for.

Have a happy weekend!


Washi-tape Goodness

Photo3091While heading off to another fun-filled, sweet and adventurous Saturday, I would like to share this washi-filled bookmark. This is made by one of my little darlings in the class. I did not expect to receive something this creative and thoughtful project on a Reading month. I love this because I love how washi tapes are magical in a sense they really can transform things into a blast! And I love this because this reminds me and definitely encourages me to have more good reads. Lastly, I love this because this is a sweet, useful and creative project for those who read a lot!  🙂

(Thank you Tita Vina and Izzy.”)

A Place to Be

This is a post of random photos of places piled up in my desktop and in my memory. Places I visited for the first time. Places that made me smile in the midst of a busy life. Places that given me space to breathe and think things out. Places closest to my heart during the past few years. Places that made me realize what lies ahead in life. These photos were taken from not so distant place and were kept nearest to my heart.


“A place where you can find hearty food on a rainy weather”

“The place where I and my Grad school friends had our first ever meeting & bonding”

“Theplace where I started to build my sky-high dreams”
2013-08-09 11.57.00

“A place for overloaded coolness and sweetness (This place made me smile!:))”

“A busy place that is close to a shopper’s heart”

“A place for the mind and the heart to learn”


Map these places out!

* Xocolat

*PNU Grassland


*busy streets in Carriedo, Manila

*new found library

Soup for the Soul

Photo3054It was raining all day and I wondered what are my kids (students) doing while I took the whole day to rest. Actually, I had different ways to rest. I spent the day thinking of my kids’ next art activities, searching for happy garlands to make for the slumber party and even posting a photo that you can see above. I missed the kids today. I think this is a natural feeling of a teacher whenever a day had gone so fast without learning and playing with them. I did not sleep that much. I end up viewing photos of them, their art works and their cookery. It made me smile and I felt better. 🙂

The photos were like a hot bowl of soup that is soothing for the soul. It gave warmth and calmness amidst the downpour of rain. It really made me motivated to be better and see them tomorrow.  🙂

I am grateful of these kept treasures. Thank God I have a lot of them.




(Good food for the rainy weather: Chicken Soup and hard boiled eggs.)