Beautiful, Outrageous, Unplanned

It was all beautiful, outrageous and fun! I and my good friend Cha had a blast with our unplanned dinner-bonding.  Sometimes unplanned ones are given to be crazy yet memorable. Here’s a sneak peek of our #tosh dinner experience. We’re so happy we landed at The Old Spaghetti House and had these delicious pasta&pizza meals. Big HOORAY! for these 🙂







What we LOVE @ TOSH

1. Pasta Alfredo

2. Seafood Pizza (Gambas)

3. Green Mango Shake

These were all a “must-try” 🙂 If you really love pasta and everything and between. Try the #tosh experience, it’s beautiful and relaxing:)



lbd (little brown dress)

The story behind these illustrations was that I wanted to have a little brown dress this time. Funny how I end up with these. I thought of simple and sophisticated dresses with shades of brown. I don’t really mind at all if the wood color is “in” or not but I wanted to step out of the box a little.

(I took some time stepping out of the flashy colors and tried this heavy color tone.) Great!

I honestly had a quick fix on this sketch. But still have the heart that you’ll be loving this and the future illustrations. 🙂


The Playlist

These are the 20 songs that I like. The list will go from OPM (the Filipino songs) across different genre and culture. Hope you’ll love this!:) You can definitely search the ones new to your ears:) 

Happy listening!

1. Everything’s Okay by Lenka

2. Only Shadows by Sara Bareilles

3. Brand New Shoes by She and Him

4. Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse feat Natasha Bedingfield

5. Fidelity by Regina Spektor

6. Tadhana by Up Dharma Down

7. Huling Sayaw by Kamikazee feat kyla

8. Out of Reach by Gabrielle

9. Run for your Life by The Fray

10. Yellow by Coldplay

11. Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler

12. Payphone by Megan and Liz Version (Maroon5 Original hit)

13. Melt my Heart to Stone by Adele

14. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys feat Nicki Minaj

15. Take me Away by Stacie Orrico

16. Beautiful days by Kyla

17. Think Good Thoughts by Colbie Calliat

18.Enough Said by Drake feat Aaliyah

19. Ewan by Imago

20.Stuttering by Jessica Sanchez

These are posted randomly. But I’ll always been into a happy sunny song with Lenka’s Album:)

“Sing me a happy song…”


Pastel-colored Afternoon

I just can’t believe I had the time to sketch!:) Actually, I always believe to the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way” since I did find time to let my ideas flow again through my illustrations. I really missed doing few things like  singing on a happy Saturday morning, cooking lunch for my sisters and illustrating with my creative team since I’ve been real busy with the preparation for my work. Happily, this Saturday afternoon I was able to do things I missed including the sketching, of course! (Yes! You read it right!:) ) I was able to draw couple of styles that I wanted to share not only because it’s pastel-colored (much girl-ish) but also the styling seemed to be comfy for our country’s weather.  It was incredibly fun doing things I’ve missed. I hope you’re happy with the sketches.


I love the bright yellow trousers here! 🙂

I include here some members of my creative team. (my color pencils)


Pastels are LOVE!


It seemed like holiday’s approaching. Ready your knits and sweaters on! 🙂


This dress has the cut, the cut on its side. Simple yet lovely! Right?


We should start appreciating tangerine colors. It’s fresh and comfy to look at! 🙂


Trails of thunder

Hello November! Months are getting more busier since the holiday season‘s approaching. Well, I was so happy I was able to post another entry about this look. What I like in this look was the “thunder” print top from Elan which I wore last Tuesday.(Though, in the shots the print wasn’t that clear but it’s thunder printed:)) I walk comfortably with it together with my pair of Forever 21 tennis shoes. I also loved that I was able to rage my closet and found this white cap (super old) from Penshoppe. The cap was really a life saver that day since the sun was outrageously out and hot. Fashion must be so functional too.

(Hope you’ll love our green backyard:))

(Pardon for the long shots but I really like it! 🙂 )

Love the look?


Cap (Penshoppe)
Top (Elan)
Shorts (just G)
Earrings (Forever21)
Watch (Parfois)
Shoes (Forever21)


Photodiary101: One Sunday

Hello November!:) Months are getting busier than ever looking forward to the holidays season. Giggles! Anyways, I wanted to share this photo dairy of the best Sunday date last October with the happy girls inside my heart. Here’s the treat :
The photos are so random. These photos show how BIG my heart is for my family, food and fashion.Happy!