What Can We Make?

1391753_216896548483574_2076017598_n“What can we make?”

“We can make incredible things out of scratch. We can make art from materials we believe it’s already trash. We can make others happy with the the handmade crafts we do. “

This is a photo of the handmade watercolor stationary paper that the girl scouts made last camp. I’m so proud of their crafts! So cool! 🙂


♥ jade

Photo: Chantal Tabo


Sweet Tuesdays


I always crave for some sweetness overload whenever I see this photo. The bee on top loved this as much as I do! Another sweet Tuesday to be happy! 🙂

You can always share here what makes you happy.

Then, what makes you happy?

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Sunny Thoughts


Sunny thoughts last Sunday:

I thought of wearing a neon yellow top at the brightest time of the day.

I thought of helping typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) victims through prayers which definitely made my day.

I thought of another paper-cutting project before the holidays.

I thought of visiting a thrift store just to buy an out-of-this-world-2o’s skirt.

I thought of just being so positive about my studies. I felt the importance whenever I remember the face of my students everyday.

I thought of a DIY using an old wine bottle and colorful cords or twines.

I thought of learning and trying new things like: baking. (I think it’s fun to involve yourself in the kitchen.)

I thought of borrowing books from the library which definitely a challenge for me to read.

I thought of more days to do things I like and get tons of power nap.

And,I suddenly thought of this line:

“Sometimes you need to step outside,

get some air and remind yourself who you want to be.”

When the Sun Shines Again


I woke up this Sunday morning feeling great because it was too sunny. And I can’t help myself not to capture this giant spotlight. Its bright light seemed to tell that “hey!, we’re going to have a fine weather today!”.

I am praying that the weather’s going to be bright and sunny for the next few weeks in our country. The bad weather walloped on some of our provinces and ruined many lives. But I’ll still have faith that we’ll all get through of these challenges and the sun will shine again for  us.