DIY: PrintedEnvelope

DIY: PrintedEnvelope

I just want to share you the latest DIY post I have in my new blog! 😀 Happy crafting! 😀


Sunny Thoughts


Sunny thoughts last Sunday:

I thought of wearing a neon yellow top at the brightest time of the day.

I thought of helping typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) victims through prayers which definitely made my day.

I thought of another paper-cutting project before the holidays.

I thought of visiting a thrift store just to buy an out-of-this-world-2o’s skirt.

I thought of just being so positive about my studies. I felt the importance whenever I remember the face of my students everyday.

I thought of a DIY using an old wine bottle and colorful cords or twines.

I thought of learning and trying new things like: baking. (I think it’s fun to involve yourself in the kitchen.)

I thought of borrowing books from the library which definitely a challenge for me to read.

I thought of more days to do things I like and get tons of power nap.

And,I suddenly thought of this line:

“Sometimes you need to step outside,

get some air and remind yourself who you want to be.”