02/14: Shades of Gray

1016273_10201536600598892_50922536_njadeeI do not usually wear shades of gray or black.I do have the basic lbd but just wear it occasionally. I am more of a colorful-kind-of-person whenever I mix and match clothes. Sometimes I end up like a walking bow of colors. But I am completely happy with my favorite color tones. Anyways, I tried wearing a soft gray dress from Missy (this brand can be spotted inside the stores of Bayo)  and paired it with a dark colored vest. I am so happy I was able to wear these kind of hues again. Plus, I matched the grays with the browns. I think I might take another adventure with colors again.

1) Dress: Missy (by Bayo)

2) Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

3) Bag: Thrift Store

4) Watch: Parfois

5) Necklace: Just G



01/14: The Wall

It was another dress-up day last Sunday. I got so excited wearing a dress and a vest on a windy Sunday. I took a photo of my #ootd at a place near our house. It was an unpainted wall which I did not expect to end up like this good. One of my friends told me it complimented the whole look in the background. (Haha 🙂 ) I think it always depends on how we see things and interpret them. Still, thank you for the kind words and it is really nice to appreciate little things like these. 🙂 (wink!)



1) Vest : Paper Dolls

2) Dress: Redgirl

3) Red Flats (@ SM Dept. Store)

4) Watch: Parfois

Photo by : @ZielBufete


(if you love this look! 🙂 )

Happy Weekend!

01/14: Floral Thoughts

This is my first ever post for “Dress-Up Days” this year. And I would like share my love for skirts and florals in this post. I wore this last Sunday and felt so happy I was able to take photos of it. I thought of wearing a floral top from one of my fave local store in town —- BAYO. I really find this top so cute for my circle skirt. 🙂 I am happy about this breezy skirt plus floral look.

Here are the photos:


These adorable red (a cheap find! :)) flats made me walk happily in style.


1) Floral Top: Bayo

2) Maroon Circle Skirt: Thrift store

3) Round Flats: SM Dept. Store

4) Sling Bag: Mom 🙂


Photos: @YssaBayron

Holiday Knit

1555455_805910902757562_182891626_nHappy Holidays!

It is the season to be merry and bright together with our family and the people closest to our hearts. It is such a wonderful blessing being with them not only with this time of the year but also  the whole year round. Challenging it may seem to juggle roles and responsibilities this holiday season, I’m happy I am able to fix it. I did a balancing act  in between my work, my studies, my friends and my family. And able to prepare little treats for them for Christmas. To add up in my happiness meter, I am able to wear my favorite knitted jade-colored sweater from Forever 21. It saves me from the cold temperature during Simbang Gabi and late night get together with my closest friends. There will be no reasons for me not to love this warm and lovely knit. And there will be no reasons for me not to remember that this is the season for me to spend time with my love ones, to be grateful and to share blessings to other people. And of course,  to dress up happily with the cool weather. (smiles:))

I wore this knit in many different ways that surely made my holidays warm & fun. ( I will post soon about this!)

Knit: Forever 21

Neon top: Forever 21

Photo by: Charm Remolacio

“La vie est faite de petits bonheurs”

“Life is full of little pleasures.”

Hi there! Forgive me with the French phrase I just typed in for the title of this entry. The moment I learned this beautiful phrase, it became one of  my must-keep phrase in my list. The statement above is its wonderful meaning.

Yes, it’s true that life offers a lot of gratification in  many different ways . Those can easily switch on my happy mode and appreciation scheme from the littlest things that eventually turned my life around.

Did I mention littlest things? Well, I have to share how I find it glorious to wear comfort on a day of juggling schedules.  I just had to wear comfy sneaks to help me walk from an area to another.  (grateful :))Plus, it adds a preppy look too.


squeezing happiness






Top: Jellybean

Shorts: Sm Dep’t Store

Sneakers: Keds

Watch: Parfois

I like to share the juggled acts I did last yesterday:

1st; went to my grad school along Katipunan (heavy downpour)

2nd; went to my previous school along Taft (took a train ride)

3rd; went to the busiest streets of Manila

4th; went to a nearby church

*Saturday is the day for small travels and striving adventures. Those are few of what I so-called ‘pleasures’.

Happy week ahead!


Bloggers United 5

I went to Bloggers United last June 1, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center with my good and adventurous friend Charlotte. 🙂 It was another happy shopping and bonding experience with her and the super fashionable and approachable bloggers at their respective booths. This was another Bloggers United to remember.

Let’s take a glimpse of our booth-to-booth adventure through my photo diary.

960207_10200129516023132_1109902162_nThis photo was taken after purchasing at Lissa Kahayon’s booth. 🙂 I am happy that she was so hands-on to her booth and she was nice too.

971920_10200129537463668_1879474910_nThis was a photo of  I and Ms. Ava after visiting and purchasing something at her booth. 🙂 I really love her simplicity and kindness. Happy.

600877_10200129532783551_1913008687_nThis was a photo of I and sweet Dani Baretto. She was indeed a lovely person.
947179_10200129570544495_573717813_nI  was really extremely happy together with my friend Cha the moment we visited and finally loved the adorable items at Tracy Ayson’s booth.

600836_10200129589384966_1165296637_nI with the lovely actress Laureen Uy at her booth. 🙂

270187_10200129565264363_1068106753_nI and my friend Cha had fun at Reese Lansangan’s booth. I was such a fan of her pop-art inspired button earrings that I can easily buy at Elan. It was a memorable moment to meet her finally! 🙂9387_10200129587304914_1243417329_nBloggers United was not complete without greeting and meeting Ana again. I was thrilled and so excited to buy at her booth. I will post soon the the twisted-wire ring I got from her collection. Yey!

971561_10200129524983356_460188916_nThis was a photo of I, Cha and the journalist Lia Manalac at the @DiksyonaryoAtbp booth after donating my old books from my HS to their booth. Shout out: Happy to help! 🙂
934975_10200129553424067_1589602035_nI just had a quick fix of my outfit last BU5. I always end up choosing a comfy shoes and a floral skirt for the bazaar hopping! 🙂

Chiffon top (from my sis closet (teehee!:))

Skirt (Thrift Store)

Flats (Parisian)

Bag (Thrift Store)

Necklace (from Lissa Kahayon’s)

425340_10200129585144860_895875402_nThis was me after the tiring but fun BU5 experience! 😀


I with Cha my shopping-mate and my super friend!!! I’m really grateful to be with this witty and pretty lady last BU5 . 934685_10200129520783251_106350102_nWe got tons of energy throughout the day taking photos, meeting the bloggers and even finding the right&stylish item in each booth. Cool.

Till next Bloggers United… (winks!)

Photos courtesy of : Charlotte Badidles

Red Sunshine

Hi there! 🙂 It’s already June and does it mean Summer’s already over? I know there will be an eternal sunshine that glows in each of us since we’ve been recharged from the summer break. I hope you enjoyed summer as much as I do. I was into a lot of fearless adventures and craziest experiences since the sun started to be the earth’s spotlight. I had to deal with some life matters like my approaching grad studies, attending fashion events, fueling my artistic tank and even with my endless responsibility as a teacher. Above all the busy schedule I was able to have this outfit post! 🙂

iThe little red dress that I loved because of its easy-breezy chiffon lightweight material.

bI had fun with the dress on this fine weather.

jI even played around with nature just to spent the most of the sun’s heat.

970251_4831712752709_2044472_nIt was a bright day indeed. Thank you Mr. Sun for a fine day for me to play around the last few days of Summer. 🙂

Love this look? I hope you do. 🙂


REDHope you all had a great Summer! 🙂

Little Red Dress  (Topshop)

Wedges (Forever21)

Necklace (Butingtings)

Gold Belt (GG)

Photography by Cjane Ginez

Philippine Fashion Week: SM Ladies and Parisian

“I never thought dreams do come true in an instant.”

I was so happy that I was able to attend a formal fashion show. It was my long-time dream to attend one most likely the famous Philippine Fashion Week. The funny-up-side-down story behind these chances was just a click away at one of my fave blog (anagonzales.com). And that was history!haha

That Wednesday, I thought of plans on how I can reach MOA in an instant because I have work till 5:00pm and the show starts by 7:30pm. I was grateful I had my sister, Jess with me in action all the time. haha 🙂 I can’t believe I was able to catch up the show and saw the famous ramp;”catwalk”. It was an awesome experience to be in a fashion week. I was mesmerized with the collections and even with the fashionable people in the gala. I am really thankful for it until now.

Here’s my Philippine Fashion Week photo diary:

293848_4854153913724_846007897_nThese were the pfw  tickets from Ana Gonzales. 🙂

481452_4854761448912_1467519121_nPhilippine Fashion Week: Holiday2013

942384_4854204194981_1874696754_nPardon for not having a fine photo but I can picture lots of memories here.

I had a neon punch outfit that night that took me 15 mins. to dress-up.

Neon top (Forever 21)

Lace skirt (Bayo)

Box-shaped bag (SM Dep’t Store)

Necklace (Girlshoppe)

579470_4854482201931_177076948_nSad part: I was not able to prepare a cam so I end up taking photos in my phone. ( I left it because I was chasing the time that night. o-oh)

166086_4867863896465_2069099141_nI and Ana in front of the Super Sale Bazaar. haha:) I grabbed the opportunity to take a together with Ms. Ana:) Without her this will not be possible, I am really grateful with this experience. This was indeed unforgettable! 🙂

Photos taken by Jess 🙂

too sunny to be blue

One of the things I am grateful for is that there are so many incredible people behind these life adventures. I’d been into all-kinds-of-everything-rolled-into-one-kind lately. I really can’t explain or even describe the feelings I had with these laid and sudden pack of experiences I went through all days of summer. I missed posting entries here even celebrating even my blog anniversary. (Yey! turned 1 already) But I guess there will be a whole lot of room for celebration. Actually, I had the days filled with whirlwind of  ‘turning-points’ in life. (I’ll share THESE real soon.)

I was happy I was able to dress-up and take photos again. I’d been away with that kind of nature for sometime the moment I started to juggle my scheds literally!haha:) I just love how I came back with this tribal print long-sleeved polo and with these old-pair of oxfords. Those pieces were so laid-back and at the same time meaningful since the top was actually from my bestie based in Canada. (Thanks Kimmmy! 🙂 )

I realized how each trendy piece has a story to tell. Every sweet grin has its wonderful reason for the world to know.That every passionate and determined views of life could make a difference. That every time that the sun shines there’s no way to be blue at all.

Here are some of the photos:






Top: Forever 21

Sunnies: Forever 21

Oxfords: Cole Vintage

Timepiece: Parfois

Ring: Thrift Store

Photography by Cj Ginez