Soup for the Soul

Photo3054It was raining all day and I wondered what are my kids (students) doing while I took the whole day to rest. Actually, I had different ways to rest. I spent the day thinking of my kids’ next art activities, searching for happy garlands to make for the slumber party and even posting a photo that you can see above. I missed the kids today. I think this is a natural feeling of a teacher whenever a day had gone so fast without learning and playing with them. I did not sleep that much. I end up viewing photos of them, their art works and their cookery. It made me smile and I felt better. 🙂

The photos were like a hot bowl of soup that is soothing for the soul. It gave warmth and calmness amidst the downpour of rain. It really made me motivated to be better and see them tomorrow.  🙂

I am grateful of these kept treasures. Thank God I have a lot of them.




(Good food for the rainy weather: Chicken Soup and hard boiled eggs.)


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