Citrus Fun

I always make time for strolling  after a busy week at work. It is one of the little rewards I give myself for a productive week. I and my sister got to explore & went food trippin’ at chez karine ( SM Megamall) last Saturday. We really had fun staying there even for a short time of sipping a refreshing citrus drink & at the same time satisfying our sweet cravings. Here are some of the photos I collected from our little adventure @chezkarine 🙂

Cute wall decor 🙂


Yuzu Slush


I super love the minty twist of this drink.


Jess (my sister) loved their Affogato plus Hokkaido Cupcake. Yum!




Visit chez karine 🙂

10152389_10201747649434981_1174326716_nAside from the food adventure, I was able to have a shoe selfie too! 🙂 (peace xx)


Happy  Food Trippin’!


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