Let’s Sail Someday

Let's Sail Someday

Making blue paper boats was my activity for the kids’ arts and crafts during the practice teaching for my Reading 09.

“Someday I’ll sail the world”, I remembered what I’ve said before as I post this photo:) Honestly, I really love the sea and everything under water. It feels like Summer’s approaching.

Anyways, I had fun sharing with the kids the story of our big book “Yuri, the Yellow Vinta”. Arts and crafts are really good activity for the little hands with a big heart to learn a lot with any literature to be read.



3 thoughts on “Let’s Sail Someday

  1. Hello, I’m glad you are happy to teach. If you just happened to live near Bulacan, I’ll ask you to apply for a teaching post in our school. lol.

    By the way, thanks for following my blog! Happy teaching. 😀

    ~ mel

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