speech from the heart

This was my speech from the last Reading Society Ball with the theme: “Looking Back, Moving Forward” , February 18, 2012. I had the most difficult time writing this because no words could express how much I appreciate all of God’s blessings for RS 2012, meaning I am really speechless. Fortunately, I  found a peaceful place to wrote this piece from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for a memorable RS Anniversary, RS family. This was my opening remarks. Noted.

Good Evening everyone!

The reading Society of the Philippine Normal University has been existing since year 1986. It was to promote its vision and mission through various activities that broadens the importance of reading and literacy to the students.

This evening, we’ll finally celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reading Society with its theme: “Looking Back, Moving Forward”. It’s the perfect time to look back through the successful years of the society to set as our inspiration to do our best in the present till we move forward to the future. We had already achieved numerous accomplishments and organized productive events that enriched the holistic development of all members.

I would like to acknowledge the support of Dr. Melchor Tatlonghari, Dr. Mila J. Arias, Prof. Roderick Aguirre, Dr. Heidi B. Macahilig, Prof. Merry Ruth M. Gutierrez and Prof. Miguel Cobaria.

The purpose of this momentous event is to gather all the past and previous RS members to be reacquainted.

Looking forward that tonight will be our precious time to relax, enjoy, socialize, and shre every memorable experience with each other as we join to work together for the love of reading and literacy.

Before I end my remarks, I would like to express my gratitude that you’d be able to celebrate with us tonight and give thanks to our Almighty Father for giving me the strength and the heart to serve and lead this society.

Welcome & Enjoy the night!

“It was not my talent nor my skill to speak in front of the crowd but I made it”. Miracle.haha:)


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