only the rolling clouds know…

a daughter

 I am a daughter of peace loving parents. I am the first blessing to their life. I do priceless things in my family. I love the funny talks  and sunny walks of being simply one of my family’s daughter.

A sister turned into a playmate-dress-me-up-ate. I and my sisters Jessa and Jeziel will always love  and care for each other. We track up and down memory lanes because we all love girl things. We stick like glue but also had, yes, the catfights.

a student

A student of life and yeah, life itself. I really wanted to learn a lot everyday.

a friend

One thing I know is that I  had friends and I am happy with them. The two things I learned were I feel loved all day and I brought them sweet smiles everyday.

a human being

I breathe air. I enjoy the sun. I talk and eat a lot. I walk and jump on grasslands. I sprinkle waters. I appreciate the sky. I’m one with nature. I fall in and out of love. I’ll never say never.

an artist

My life is an open canvass. I am open to every shade and hue people threw. I paint, doodle, draw and even spill some paint because I am free to do whatever as long as I know how to handle the art of doing many things and just doing nothing at all.

a designer

My hands won’t just stop sketching into papers and my mind won’t stop being creatively inclined with the styles and the trends. And these hands won’t just sketch, it will touch lives.

a writer

No I’m no real blogger up until I celebrated my 20th birthday. I just woke up one day that possibilities are endless. I’ll say what I need to say.

a guidance counselor

I am a daily dose of good words and encouraging thoughts. I can talk of Psycho-somethings.

a reader

I am a reader of different pages of reading stuffs. I travel and knows various culture because of the magic world of reading. I do also a blog reader.

a dancer

Actually, I sway with the wind and gracefully steps my feet humbly on the ground.

a singer

I sang the music within my heart . Whatever I feel that moment I feel like singing. I do sing even in my dreams.

a daydreamer

Daydreamer yes that’s me. Between I and the sky, are my daydreams. I love to speak my creative mind with beautiful words and images when I did daydreamin’.


the “I” in betweeniandthesky:) I in my lazy days. I speak with fashion and passion. I spill simple worth things in my mind. I may be the wind or the chartreuse hat that the wind blows. with great smiles.


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