February 2014

FebruaryThese are some of the photos last month. It was really fun celebrating with these lovable people & with these yummy plates. I just can’t believe that food tripping is already a part of the system. (Haha!)

1st Row L-R:

1 I just can’t resist to eat these pancakes at IHOP (UP Town).

2 I was able to get the Starbucks Planner for my sister. (Happy sister! 🙂 )

3 This plate is a yummy plus happy plate.

2nd Row L-R:

1 I took a box of J.Co donuts for my family. (Yey!)

2 Hangin’ out with these adorable ladies! (& we seriously love to eat first whenever we hang/study, haha)

3 This is a photo of my surprise valentine treat for my 19 kids.

3rd Row L-R

1 A snap from our tea party 🙂

2 #selfie 🙂

3 This photo shows that I am one of the boys. These are the little boys of our class. (another snap from the Tea Party) #happyteacher



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