Spread Love


“Put your heart into the little acts you do each day.”

I want to share the things that I love to do, to share and to be happy with. Here are some of them:

1. I love to learn.

I really do love to learn new things I discover myself and from other people. I even learn together with the kids I teach each day.

2. I love to make.

I am deeply in-love with arts. I love the way I grip my pencil and sketch. I love the mess of paint in my face. I love how cutting and folding papers at its best.

3. I love to share.

I love to share what I know anything under the sun. I have may creative ways to share what I love and what I have. Sometimes, I like pushing limits that I am challenged to share or offer help a even in difficult times.

4. I love to walk.

I love appreciating everything even the little things I see as I walk.

5. I love to dress-up.

I love the feeling of being so comfortable of what you wear that  suits the weather and the day’s event.

6. I love to daydream.

I love looking at the horizon or just holding my pen then start daydreaming. 

7. I love to listen.

I love to explore more about the music and the play of lyrics in other cultures. How about an Austrian sound track this day? 

8. I love to read.

I love the smell of the pages of a book. I love the photos in a magazine. I love spending time reading road signs and posters. I read functionally most of the time.

9. I love to play.

No I am not a gamer, I do play simple kiddie games. I do play with kids ages 3-4. We usually play a lot of running games & basic playground stuff. You know what I mean. The never ending laughter of slides, swings and see-saws. Isn’t that cool?

10. I love to wait.

I love to wait for this famous-worth-to-wait ride. They say that it is the thing in life we all deserve to have. I like to think more about it but I end up preparing than waiting.  I think that is really the virtue.


Spread what love really is,



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