Fresh & Happy Start

A fresh and happy start for year 2014 for all of us! This is my 1st ever entry for the year and I would like to make it positive, colorful and beautiful all at the same time. I shared here is my collage of stuff that made my jump start in full blast!

jumpstart20131) Candy Mag (Dec 2013- January 2014) – I will never grow old with this mag. I grew up with this mag and it will surely rock year 2014 with the help of the articles inside.

2) Paper Cutting Project/s – One of my favorite hobby since I was a little kid. This will definitely be another year of making paper crafts at the same time promoting “Recycling”.

3) Notepads and post- its– I got those sticky notes as a present. I love reminding myself all the time like the tasks to be done for the day and this time I’ll be using them to appreciate others! (Remember: There are 1,000 ways to appreciate others.)

4) Beaded necklaces, chains and ring– Styles & trends are top of the list this year. Those cute & colorful necklaces are from Just G. The one with the heart pendant is so special to me because I & my HS besties bought the same piece. Happy accessorizing!

5) The Real Living Notebook (12 Months of Fun, DIY Home Projects) – Honestly, my heart has a special space for lovely room decors, creative interiors & home projects. Ironic it may seem but my dreams of having our own house & make it a home became bigger. I really got excited to write and plan using this sophisticated planner from the RL Launch. (Thanks a bunch to my dearest friends for this!)

6) Washi Tapes– I am a washi tape lover. My heart is melting like butter whenever I see Hey Kessy ‘s infinite washi designs and crafts. Aren’t they pretty? 🙂

I hope you’ll have a great start for this year too. Definitely, I’ll be writing and listing a lot before I go to work soon.

Happy 2014



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