Holiday Knit

1555455_805910902757562_182891626_nHappy Holidays!

It is the season to be merry and bright together with our family and the people closest to our hearts. It is such a wonderful blessing being with them not only with this time of the year but also  the whole year round. Challenging it may seem to juggle roles and responsibilities this holiday season, I’m happy I am able to fix it. I did a balancing act  in between my work, my studies, my friends and my family. And able to prepare little treats for them for Christmas. To add up in my happiness meter, I am able to wear my favorite knitted jade-colored sweater from Forever 21. It saves me from the cold temperature during Simbang Gabi and late night get together with my closest friends. There will be no reasons for me not to love this warm and lovely knit. And there will be no reasons for me not to remember that this is the season for me to spend time with my love ones, to be grateful and to share blessings to other people. And of course,  to dress up happily with the cool weather. (smiles:))

I wore this knit in many different ways that surely made my holidays warm & fun. ( I will post soon about this!)

Knit: Forever 21

Neon top: Forever 21

Photo by: Charm Remolacio


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