Sweet 10a Alabama

I had a fun visit  yesterday at the Resurrection Furniture and Vintage Gallery. I got amazed with the furniture, decors, and recycled art pieces displayed on each corner of the gallery. I got sparkling eyes as I studied each piece because I found them so unique and historical at the same time. From those lovely furniture to the art pieces hanged on the wall, I realized how people are creative and resourceful that they successfully made brilliant things in no time! Cool.

These are some of the random photos I took from the gallery. There were plenty of sold and unsold stuff inside this sweet Alabama house. I’m pretty sure that when you get the chance to visit you’ll love the vintage stuff and the creativity of the decors as much as I do. Just don’t let your heart be broken once you saw the tags with labels telling the piece is already ‘SOLD’. Moving on, there are still a lot of stuff there to be happy about. Yay! 🙂

old sharpened pencils


pretty bathroom wall paper



I inside the bathroom. I loved here the umbrella used as a tissue holder!:) Cool.Photo3241

light bulbs attached on electric fan metal covers 🙂


happy book fair, YAAAY!Photo3243

Took the last minute photo of the book fair before we went home:)Photo3246

The creative gatePhoto3248

I had so much FUN and LEARNING not only because of the speakers but also with the experiences encountered before reaching the place.

I am very grateful. I can’t wait for my next adventure.



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