Ang INK Fest 2013

Ang INK Fest

A Celebration of Creativity in Children’s Literature

It was indeed a busy Saturday. I attended to the kids’ dance presentation for the Family Day and went to the Ang INK Fest right after. It was a bit struggle balancing the time and preserving my energy level because the morning event needs physical strength like dancing and even running after the little kids. But still, I was able to attend the fest together with my co-teacher.  We were able to listen to the talented speakers (the  children’s book illustrators) and got inspired with their creativity as they touched lives of other people.

10a Alabama New Manila Quezon City


Illustrator of the IBBY Sweden Peter Pan Prize for the book Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! By Nanoy Rafael Photo3212

eyed on the colorful Japanese Paper Garland Photo3213love the vintage feel of the room Photo3214


Instant tour to Sweden with his talk. 🙂

Photo3217 The book Naku, Nakuu, Nakuuu! by Nanoy Rafael which was published in a Swedish language.Photo3218

INKies Show And Tell :

Illustrator of the book “Lagot! Baka may lepto sa baha”


Illustrator of the book “Mantsa”Photo3222

Photo3223 Illustrator of the book “When Zero Left Number Land”Photo3224

Illustrator of the book ” Hating Kapatid”Photo3225

Took a picture of myself and the free book they gave us after the event. 🙂 (Salamat po!) Photo3231

Enjoyed the BOOK FAIR (yea, you read it right!!:)) There was a a book fair at the side of the venue. I was able to buy a book and let the illustrator sign in their book. Yay!

Who participated in the fair?

Adarna House

Anvil Publishing

Lampara House

OMF Literature

Vibal Publishing House

“I heart to read books. I heart read good books to children”


This is a “must-read” book.


MORE books, more FUN! Photo3236

I bought “Hating Kapatid” by Raissa Rivera Falgui and illustrated by Frances Alvarez. Yay! Meet and greet the illustrator this time! 🙂


The speakers/illustrators:

Rhandee Garlitos\Nanoy Rafael\ Liza Flores\ Jomike Tejido (INKie Show and Tell) Leo Kempis Ang\Jason Sto. Domingo\Frances Alvarez\Tokwa Peñaflorida\Iori Espiritu

It was an accomplished Saturday! 🙂 And I really appreciate my super friend and co-teacher ‘tets’ for being with me in this adventure! We realized how illustrators give their efforts and patience in their work and for their readers.




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