Real Living Space Launch

This is a super late post about the Real Living Space Launch. Real Living is a magazine in the Philippines where you can learn tips and techniques about interior design and style inspirations too! 🙂 I had the chance to be at the event together with my friend Joana & her friends too!  And enjoyed their Design Show house. I took few photos of the space designs and the decors seen there and wonder deeply afterwards. I got inspired with the amazing space arrangements in the show house. Actually, I loved everything I saw there however I only took these photos randomly. (Huge thanks to Paula for the tour!:))


543446_10200574493666820_1314227333_n (1)


Chairs & Tables1185442_10200574497226909_405544268_n

Calendars, Post-its and Lamps581606_10200574494626844_356688853_n

Pancakes @ Midnight

(After the artsy & cool tour…)


Definitely, it was a night of learning room decor and meeting new friends.

This RL Space Tour wasn’t possible  without these happy plus artsy people:

Joana & Pau (wink!)


Visit the Real Living Magazine, just click this:




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