Things to be Happy About (10/15/13)

– the sun was bright the whole day
– walked through the streets of our village
– went at the supermarket just to buy a jar of Skippy with Roasted Honey Nut and ended up buying ingredients for pasta too πŸ™‚
– able to clean the busiest area in our room-my study table & sort the sea of papers
– took a super power nap (an achievement!)
– water therapy routines
– fried banana + milk
– journal time! πŸ™‚
– the snails in the backyard
– prepared small prizes for the kids for tomorrow πŸ™‚
– my relatives in Bohol are all safe (The earthquake was intense early this morning.)
– a little prayer for the people affected by the earthquake

This is my random thoughts list about the things that made me happy today. πŸ™‚



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