Sitting means resting your lower body part on a chair or anywhere and your upper body is upright. Sitting down reminded me of things opposite to it like my long standing moments on a bus ride home during college days. It reminds how I see children standing under the heat of the sun. It reminds me how kids in my class do run around our room. It reminds me that sitting down made me think of things like this. It made my mind think of  random thoughts like these:

“what will be the next art work for my kids?”

“am I going to carry this home into a house soon?”

“what will happen if I’ll mix this particular shade with this shade.”

“what will be the next DIY to do.?”

“when will I see a rainbow?”

“what will be the next Eric Carle book to be read?”

I think this list would take me to move and stand for it to be achieved soon.

After sitting down and do our thing, we must remember that standing also keeping as ready to act and reach for our dreams.


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