Cup of Positive Thoughts

DIY101: Cup of Positive Thoughts

This is a DIY craft that enables you to drink some positive thoughts and stir your creative skills. I’m excited to share this mini DIY craft from our seminar-workshop.  I hope you enjoy doing this! 🙂

Materials needed:

– a non-glossy paper cup (recycled cup is a +)

-printed positive thoughts

-any coloring material


-rubber band


Positive thought or quotes can be cut from old magazines or try to grab on a site:)

Let us start :

1. Cut the printed positive thoughts from the paper. Gather first all the cut strips of paper with a rubber band.


2. Then, get the paper cup and start illustrating a design for your cup. You can write words that would motivate you the most. Actually, you could design & decorate your cup anything under the sun.


3. After making the design, put the strips of paper inside and then it is up to you to roll or fold the strips. Then, you’re done! 🙂 You can now drink some positive thoughts from your cup! 🙂




A piece of note:

Once you’re done and happy with your cup, you can put it on an area where you can easily pull at least one thought a day. It will definitely brighten up your day once you reflect on what have you read. It can also start your mornings and even end your evenings with these. This can also let you gain a happy feeling the whole month.

(This post is for my group mates who loved reading the positive thoughts as much as I do!:) Also, for the success of the workshop! Yey!:))


Photos: Coleen Candelaria


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