A Happy Heart

happy heart2“Rule of Happiness: 

Something to do,

Something to love,

Something to hope for.

-Immanuel Kant”

This is a happy post that I would like share. I had a great Saturday staying at home, fixing the books from the shelves, cleaning my study area and cutting words instead of writing them. I am very fulfilled and happy that I was able to do things I usually do before I got busy with the roles I play each day. It was a bit challenging to perform and take risks but I rather take it another life adventure. I always try my best to think on the brighter side of things. I believe there will always be light on a group of dark clouds. Whenever I do think positively during the sad days, even if it is hard, it lets me ponder even on the littlest things I did that made myself and others happy. It made me appreciate that happiness is just within ourselves. And yes, I think everyone else can turn things on the brighter side.

I appreciated the words above this post. I saw a quote card from an old journal while I’m fixing and dusting old books from our old shelf. This is a great note that there’s so many things to be happy about: something to do, love and hope for.

Have a happy weekend!



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