The Heart of Wrapping

I planned to surprise two little kids on their birthday. I was so excited that I went to the book store and bought these pretty good read for their ages. One is celebrating her 6th birthday and the other kid is celebrating her 3rd birthday.

It’s wrapping time!

1. I prepared the things to be wrapped.


1.1 I chose a pink Japanese paper because I find it neat and adorable for the girls.Photo3084

1.2 I always love this Maped scissors for  my crafts. (letter cutting)Photo3083

2. The wrapping part was a bit challenging since the wrap was too thin that it can easily break. I also use a normal tape for this. (Suggestion: Washi tapes can be used also.)Photo3088

3. After wrapping it with the pink paper, I put a simple greeting card. 🙂 And I also include the Froebel (one-sided) star to decorate the present’s wrap. (Thanks mom for the cute red-pink Froebel!:))Photo3089

Photo3090Here is the photo of the presents I gave the kids.

I hope they love their presents! 🙂

It’s simple but I find it pretty! 🙂


Looking forward on another crafty week!:)


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