A Place to Be

This is a post of random photos of places piled up in my desktop and in my memory. Places I visited for the first time. Places that made me smile in the midst of a busy life. Places that given me space to breathe and think things out. Places closest to my heart during the past few years. Places that made me realize what lies ahead in life. These photos were taken from not so distant place and were kept nearest to my heart.


“A place where you can find hearty food on a rainy weather”

“The place where I and my Grad school friends had our first ever meeting & bonding”

“Theplace where I started to build my sky-high dreams”
2013-08-09 11.57.00

“A place for overloaded coolness and sweetness (This place made me smile!:))”

“A busy place that is close to a shopper’s heart”

“A place for the mind and the heart to learn”


Map these places out!

* Xocolat

*PNU Grassland


*busy streets in Carriedo, Manila

*new found library


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