Field Trip at CubaoX

August is a month to celebrate Filipino pride. This is the month to enjoy holidays celebrating Ninoy Aquino Day (August 21, today) and National Heroes Day (August 26,Monday). I am proud to these Filipinos with nationalism in their veins. As a way to appreciate the local scene , I would like to share our mini trip to Cubao X located at Cubao, Quezon City. It is a place where you can find Filipino restaurants, cafes, local boutiques of shoes,clothes, & organic products from the provinces  and vintage shops.

At the edge of the lane of Cubao X,  I and my good friends discovered a vintage/antique shop .

Here’s a photo diary:

Photo2772We are all welcome here! Especially the vintage and antique collectors! 🙂 Hurrah!

Photo2767I am not a vintage collector myself but I found the pieces really unique and nostalgic as well.



Photo2764This photo was so Pinoy na Pinoy. One of the great memorabilia of the king of Comedy in the Philippines; Dolphy.

Photo2768I loved this bag stand and all the vintage bikes.

Photo2769I am glad that I was able to visit a vintage/antique shop. This was memorable since it’s my first time. Plus, I was able to ask questions from the owner about these stuffs that are aged and even older than I am.

Though these things were 20 years old and up, they don’t look withered. They are all in good condition.

If you want to visit the store it’s just at Cubao X and look here:

Photo2773“I will come back to this store. Soon.”


‘Galing ng Pinoy!’


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