Sunday Morning

Mobile uploads 021Sunday mornings are for  extraordinary morning things like:

*waking up early around 5:00 am ( or earlier than that)

*reading Marla Miniano’s (indeed a good editor in chief ; Candy Mag) Sunday Morning blog

*fixing my study area gloriously (it’s a challenge though :))

*eating a hearty breakfast together with my family

*hearing the mass on a nearby church (reflecting the previous week’s deeds)

*thinking positive thoughts for the upcoming week

*daydreaming and I end up writing or doodling  it in my journal

*planning for the next paper cutting adventures

*walking under the warm light of the sun

*preparing countless artwork materials for the kids the next day

*wearing not only proper and comfy clothes but also a huge smile that would let others realize “Life doesn’t have to be serious at all.” 🙂

I think these are some of the random things which I juggle happily as the new day begins. The list somehow appeared long and impossible for a sweet & short Sunday morning. But I guess, that’s what made them extraordinary.

Have a happy and extraordinary Sunday too!


about the paper cut

I was inspired to made a paper cut —— ‘Sunday Morning’ because I really love  reading @marlamini ‘s blog, Sunday Morning. I just love how she moved readers’ minds and feelings by the way she writes. I am grateful I am able to read and be inspired by her works (from Candy to her blog). 🙂


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