“La vie est faite de petits bonheurs”

“Life is full of little pleasures.”

Hi there! Forgive me with the French phrase I just typed in for the title of this entry. The moment I learned this beautiful phrase, it became one of  my must-keep phrase in my list. The statement above is its wonderful meaning.

Yes, it’s true that life offers a lot of gratification in  many different ways . Those can easily switch on my happy mode and appreciation scheme from the littlest things that eventually turned my life around.

Did I mention littlest things? Well, I have to share how I find it glorious to wear comfort on a day of juggling schedules.  I just had to wear comfy sneaks to help me walk from an area to another.  (grateful :))Plus, it adds a preppy look too.


squeezing happiness






Top: Jellybean

Shorts: Sm Dep’t Store

Sneakers: Keds

Watch: Parfois

I like to share the juggled acts I did last yesterday:

1st; went to my grad school along Katipunan (heavy downpour)

2nd; went to my previous school along Taft (took a train ride)

3rd; went to the busiest streets of Manila

4th; went to a nearby church

*Saturday is the day for small travels and striving adventures. Those are few of what I so-called ‘pleasures’.

Happy week ahead!



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