Bloggers United 5

I went to Bloggers United last June 1, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center with my good and adventurous friend Charlotte. 🙂 It was another happy shopping and bonding experience with her and the super fashionable and approachable bloggers at their respective booths. This was another Bloggers United to remember.

Let’s take a glimpse of our booth-to-booth adventure through my photo diary.

960207_10200129516023132_1109902162_nThis photo was taken after purchasing at Lissa Kahayon’s booth. 🙂 I am happy that she was so hands-on to her booth and she was nice too.

971920_10200129537463668_1879474910_nThis was a photo of  I and Ms. Ava after visiting and purchasing something at her booth. 🙂 I really love her simplicity and kindness. Happy.

600877_10200129532783551_1913008687_nThis was a photo of I and sweet Dani Baretto. She was indeed a lovely person.
947179_10200129570544495_573717813_nI  was really extremely happy together with my friend Cha the moment we visited and finally loved the adorable items at Tracy Ayson’s booth.

600836_10200129589384966_1165296637_nI with the lovely actress Laureen Uy at her booth. 🙂

270187_10200129565264363_1068106753_nI and my friend Cha had fun at Reese Lansangan’s booth. I was such a fan of her pop-art inspired button earrings that I can easily buy at Elan. It was a memorable moment to meet her finally! 🙂9387_10200129587304914_1243417329_nBloggers United was not complete without greeting and meeting Ana again. I was thrilled and so excited to buy at her booth. I will post soon the the twisted-wire ring I got from her collection. Yey!

971561_10200129524983356_460188916_nThis was a photo of I, Cha and the journalist Lia Manalac at the @DiksyonaryoAtbp booth after donating my old books from my HS to their booth. Shout out: Happy to help! 🙂
934975_10200129553424067_1589602035_nI just had a quick fix of my outfit last BU5. I always end up choosing a comfy shoes and a floral skirt for the bazaar hopping! 🙂

Chiffon top (from my sis closet (teehee!:))

Skirt (Thrift Store)

Flats (Parisian)

Bag (Thrift Store)

Necklace (from Lissa Kahayon’s)

425340_10200129585144860_895875402_nThis was me after the tiring but fun BU5 experience! 😀


I with Cha my shopping-mate and my super friend!!! I’m really grateful to be with this witty and pretty lady last BU5 . 934685_10200129520783251_106350102_nWe got tons of energy throughout the day taking photos, meeting the bloggers and even finding the right&stylish item in each booth. Cool.

Till next Bloggers United… (winks!)

Photos courtesy of : Charlotte Badidles


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