Philippine Fashion Week: SM Ladies and Parisian

“I never thought dreams do come true in an instant.”

I was so happy that I was able to attend a formal fashion show. It was my long-time dream to attend one most likely the famous Philippine Fashion Week. The funny-up-side-down story behind these chances was just a click away at one of my fave blog ( And that was history!haha

That Wednesday, I thought of plans on how I can reach MOA in an instant because I have work till 5:00pm and the show starts by 7:30pm. I was grateful I had my sister, Jess with me in action all the time. haha 🙂 I can’t believe I was able to catch up the show and saw the famous ramp;”catwalk”. It was an awesome experience to be in a fashion week. I was mesmerized with the collections and even with the fashionable people in the gala. I am really thankful for it until now.

Here’s my Philippine Fashion Week photo diary:

293848_4854153913724_846007897_nThese were the pfw  tickets from Ana Gonzales. 🙂

481452_4854761448912_1467519121_nPhilippine Fashion Week: Holiday2013

942384_4854204194981_1874696754_nPardon for not having a fine photo but I can picture lots of memories here.

I had a neon punch outfit that night that took me 15 mins. to dress-up.

Neon top (Forever 21)

Lace skirt (Bayo)

Box-shaped bag (SM Dep’t Store)

Necklace (Girlshoppe)

579470_4854482201931_177076948_nSad part: I was not able to prepare a cam so I end up taking photos in my phone. ( I left it because I was chasing the time that night. o-oh)

166086_4867863896465_2069099141_nI and Ana in front of the Super Sale Bazaar. haha:) I grabbed the opportunity to take a together with Ms. Ana:) Without her this will not be possible, I am really grateful with this experience. This was indeed unforgettable! 🙂

Photos taken by Jess 🙂


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