One Sunday Crafternoon

Art is still part of life and always will be. It means forever. I was into paper cutting literally—- letters especially for my classroom since I am a teacher and for some nifty crafty things. I was really into cutting, tearing and pasting papers since I was a kid. Not having dolls and dollhouses, I as a kid made my own. I use to have my own drawing of paper dolls with their unique dresses and of course their houses.

I used old magazines, glue, scissors, used paper materials like folders, coupon bonds, balikbayan boxes and even our telephone directory. It was funny though that I went through those childhood experiences. As I grow up, I gradually evolved my cutting business. I tried cutting letters the moment I got older and let go of the paper-y dolls. I used those letter cuts from scrapbooks to my own classroom decors. I usually call them my handmade-decals. (I usually broke these BIG&COLORFUL scissors whenever I cut these days.) I think that’s part of my cutting life.

These hot and dry summer days I planned to have an art-sy activity to do. And the moment I saw Hey Kessy’s post, I was purely excited and curious to learn another craft most likely with washi tapes.
heykessyThis was the post for the workshop. (Hey Kessy)

This is my crafty photo diary of the workshop happened last Sunday.

431083_4873340953388_681364237_nThe crafty tools & materials were all organized and set for action! πŸ™‚ I was happy also with the personalized mats with our name on it that was made by Mansy.

(Thaaaank you Mansy! :))

941998_4873316352773_1916527108_nI love these hanging papercuts! πŸ™‚

960144_4873279151843_1236148145_nMansy’s hanger of adorable washi tapes.
969020_4873299312347_316392523_nIt was too hard to choose from these washi tapes. The designs & patterns are all so pretty and cool.

947062_4873244110967_1096927722_nAfter several practices of the cutting patters, here’s my very first try. I chose to cut the word “teach” .

3.) Get up and… teach

969343_4873232790684_347370240_nThese were our creative masterpieces!:D #proud

988416_4872806380024_1088976221_nThis was my memorable papercut for my first ever coaster. I am very thankful for the creative ideas I got from the workshop. The ‘teach’ coaster was also for our patient crafter-maker-teacher-rolled-into-one amazing person—Mansy Abesamis. It was nice meeting and learning with her. She inspired me to make MORE!!! πŸ™‚

The crafty afternoon was truly FUN and meaningful Β though there were dark clouds the moment I stepped out Sweet Ecstacy cafe. haha! πŸ˜€

“Let’s make more…ART”


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