“Begin the year with a clean slate.” I usually hear this quotation for the “nth” time since new year resolutions were getting stickier than ever. I could compare it literally to the fact that everything in this world are constant changes. We all learn to think about how we are in the past, realize and then analyze what we should maintain and probably change. Change is better whenever we change for the better. I thought of having plans and set priorities for the year than having resolutions that would run down my journal without knowing I already forgot them. I thought of having decisions and finally would become actions real soon. I hope that soon is now. Having a fresh start after a year wherein I realized how time passed by without me even knowing I already did many things beyond what I thought of. Cramming for research, reading notes of a piece I’m about to sing, schedules of org meetings and finding the precious time together with my family and friends was so last year. Now, I’m doing brand new things. Maybe, I’m still me but there were changes, really. I hope these are for the better. And beginning this year there will be more.


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