Pastel-colored Afternoon

I just can’t believe I had the time to sketch!:) Actually, I always believe to the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way” since I did find time to let my ideas flow again through my illustrations. I really missed doing few things like  singing on a happy Saturday morning, cooking lunch for my sisters and illustrating with my creative team since I’ve been real busy with the preparation for my work. Happily, this Saturday afternoon I was able to do things I missed including the sketching, of course! (Yes! You read it right!:) ) I was able to draw couple of styles that I wanted to share not only because it’s pastel-colored (much girl-ish) but also the styling seemed to be comfy for our country’s weather.  It was incredibly fun doing things I’ve missed. I hope you’re happy with the sketches.


I love the bright yellow trousers here! 🙂

I include here some members of my creative team. (my color pencils)


Pastels are LOVE!


It seemed like holiday’s approaching. Ready your knits and sweaters on! 🙂


This dress has the cut, the cut on its side. Simple yet lovely! Right?


We should start appreciating tangerine colors. It’s fresh and comfy to look at! 🙂



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