Trails of thunder

Hello November! Months are getting more busier since the holiday season‘s approaching. Well, I was so happy I was able to post another entry about this look. What I like in this look was the “thunder” print top from Elan which I wore last Tuesday.(Though, in the shots the print wasn’t that clear but it’s thunder printed:)) I walk comfortably with it together with my pair of Forever 21 tennis shoes. I also loved that I was able to rage my closet and found this white cap (super old) from Penshoppe. The cap was really a life saver that day since the sun was outrageously out and hot. Fashion must be so functional too.

(Hope you’ll love our green backyard:))

(Pardon for the long shots but I really like it! 🙂 )

Love the look?


Cap (Penshoppe)
Top (Elan)
Shorts (just G)
Earrings (Forever21)
Watch (Parfois)
Shoes (Forever21)



3 thoughts on “Trails of thunder

  1. Left a comment already 🙂 hihi. I really love it tita. I enjoy reading it everytime 😉 keep on posting awesome things! :*

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