Poppin’ Art

Dress-up day 1:

Please hype this look on lookbook.nu (huge thanks:))


I never thought I had this humble beginnings of having a lookbook account in just a blink of an eye. I always wanted one and even tried a year ago to sign up and give it as a gift for my 20th birthday. I suddenly realized that each day wherein I had the time to dress up is a gift for myself. And being happy about it is my gift to God above.

Winds blew either north, south, east or west and finally realize what stopping me from expressing what I truly love (only I and the blue sky knew, it’s fashion). Actually, there were tons of reasons (I won’t elaborate that much, moved on already, haha:)) why I can’t start one. I kept on praying about everything about blogging. As of this moment, I was inspired that having this passion does not need extravagant materials at first hand.I know these would come around real soon perfectly. What’s needed was the sense of determination and a pocketful of inspiration from those who’d been through these. (Always pray, please keep me inspired everyday:))

Enough of the words, let’s party!

Here’s some of the shots of my 1st happy dress-up look:

Neon Pop-art top: Elan

Black Skinnies: SM Department Store

Leather Bag: Vintage

Tennis Shoes: Forever 21

Accessories: love diva!

Photographed by: Jeziel Bufete

“Have a bright week ahead!”


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