sketch for the weather

I just don’t want to get so sad and stuck up with the cold, not-that-good weather here in this country. Staying in bed with my huge blanket and pillows is really not a good idea while everybody’s watching the flood raised up in our street in this village. I end up with sketching these in spite of the sad weather outside my window pane: (actually, I got so worried with the bad weather maybe I just have to sublime it. It does help.Really.)

1) I thought of having long-sleeved top over mid-lengthy skirt. It is so lady like.

2) The prints on the bottom lets me express how confused I was of what to feel on having this design piece. (patterns, hello!)

3) The last, I thought of a pair of Chuck Taylors over a tangerine dress.

I hope you let me slip away with this sketching attack over the rainy days. I am happy also to add new links in my blog that would surely let me be inspired each day with the fashion life. (you know what I mean 🙂 )

Check these SUPER cool blogs of :





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